Autoflower transplant?

I’m a beginner grower and this is my first time growing a autoflower. I’ve read that transplanting a autoflower isn’t the best idea however Iam currently growing a zkittlez autoflower and wanted to get input on if I should transplant or not. It’s going on day 21 and I feel as if the plant will outgrow the current pot.
It’s currently in a 2.25 gallon pot and is already about 21 inches in height.

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You can transplant, be careful not to disrupt the root ball as much as possible.
Expect that it is rootbound in the current pot and will look like it stalls as the root growth will begin again. Recharge/Tribus/Fish!t - pick your Beneficial Microbes and use them during a transplant into a 5 gal or bigger.


Ok thanks for the input. It’s been taking off like crazy lately So it became that size within the last week. Grew about 5 inches since Saturday afternoon alone.