Autoflower topping

I dont have dimming lights either unfortunately

I grow Autos only and have tried topping and FIM with soil. I always seem to get a very short But fat plant, auto blue dream, Gorilla glue.
This is Zkittlez Auto in Coco with Lst just to keep it open

Since these don’t need a lot of light for veg. You could move them all together till they start getting bigger and just use one of the 250w lights to cover them. Just raise it to 24" :grin:
I have never been in soil. But see most topping early in it. I hope I am right. @Capt.Cola or @GreenJewels may be able to help some here too :grin:

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Thanks for the tag bro! I am finding that topping earlier seems to help the plant recover faster. If I wait till the fifth node and top it the vertical growth is stunted on some. Soil is a lot less forgiving then coco and that’s why I’m going to switch soon. Auto pots with coco and going with jacks for nutes.


@NERO13 it will increase your yeild by giving better light coverage to more surface area of the plant.

@Woodrow I also, until my current grow, grow autos only.
Soil grows smaller, the plants working hard to try and get nutrients from soil while hydro or coco provides nutrients that are readily available with much less energy required by the plant.

I could probably grow soil better now but here is my last soil plant, it was fim’d

Here is a coco plant.

There is no comparison, heck I didn’t even use boosters on this plant. No microbes for growth or mkp for a flower booster.

That being said variables like light also play a big role.

Ps both autos.


I will FIM them on my next round and try coco…I feel I’m too late to FIM them now…5th node is out with 6th on its way. I appreciate all of your help and knowledge, I will but it to good use…beautiful bud btw


What node do you FIM on?

Ide fim it still fly at it. It will be fine

What is your favorite nite line when growing in coco

hey off set question do autos take longer to germinate , been for days in plastic bags with paper towels.

I germinated 4 different strains at the same time in solo cups with just water, took just 3 days, from there directly into 5g buckets under 18/6 light…sprouted in 2 days

I dont use paper towels, roots can get caught in them…solo cups and water in cool dark place works great, I forgot to mention after 24hrs of soaking I tap the seeds so they sink to the bottom of the cup…I plant them in their medium when root is about 5mm

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@Woodrow Jack’s for veg.
Flower… Not sure yet @Not2SureYet has better yeilds with GH then with Jack’s.
I’m running Jack’s right now I’ve ran chemgro for years but I don’t have enough experiment to tell you for certain.

I think everyone should run jacks and then experiment with other nutrients after, it’s cost effective and it works well.
Need silica to add as well.

Some autos take longer to germ then regulars but the same or faster then photos.

Soak seeds for 24hr, move to Ziplock bag and paper towel for another day or two they should have tails…
Some seeds take a week but after 5 days I generally give up


for the price i hope they germ

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I am still learning Jacks as well. What I am finding for my grows is. It is doing much better by it self more or less. With just Jacks and silica. Things are looking much better. At least for my photos. I have to wait another grow to try on autos. I had terrible results with them. I used my normal additives that I use for GH with it. This grow. All my autos are on GH again. I feel I have a good handle on it. From what I am seeing with Jacks as a stand alone. I expect better results next time I try it with autos. I go to @imSICKkid for help here since he has been using this longer than any one I know personally. There are others that are having better luck than I am too. @Myfriendis410 just did some Durban Thai’s that came out as good as I did using GH. :grin: So there is hope :laughing:

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I am only running Armor Si and Jack’s. Seems to be doing pretty well.


I have started topping and LST on all of my autos because I get a mostly even canopy and better yields.


What node do you top at?

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I usually cut the 4th node. Works great!


4 th or 5 th . I have had plants without training or topping out yield the other ones .some plants benefit from topping some don’t?? Broke top off G.Glue auto in 8th week :sob:but she turned out better than other ones??? You never know.