Autoflower topping

Not sure what to do, my autoflowers are starting their 5th nodes, I’ve read both not to top and some say to still top…one is Gelato, the other is wedding cake. Both plants are very healthy and only on the first day of the start of their 3rd week. Any suggestions


Many won’t train autos at all since training involves stress for the plant and one has no control over when an auto transitions to flowering.

That said, I believe that @Nicky is a good autoflower grower and can probably offer better thoughts on it that I can. I’m a photo grower.


Are u limited on height. Topping doesnt really do much for an auto unless u r planning on doing lst and scrogging. Itbwill slow down the auto some. If ur not limited on height i would say maybe justvto do some lst bend the mains over on a 90 and let everything grow upward. It will hive u more colas than not doing anything and wont cause near as mich strain on the plant. Kinda like this but not ripping off leaves like this. This is a photo im filling in a scrog net but a badic idea how itnwill grow if u tie it down


This is my first time with autos, I have photos as well


I limited to about 5 feet

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Not Scroggin or doing lsd…I usually just top and lolly pop

Lst would be more inline here im thinking. Just keep the plant opened for airflow and it will go good. Unless u get mad stretch i believe u will be ok just to ben her ober and let everything grow up even the bottoms will be something then. Will make for a bushier plant but fuller. @Nicky is a real good guy super knowledgeable and great with autos along with @Not2SureYet


Thanks for your help man

These autos are pretty compact…I’m so used to growing photos

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Photos are better can play alot more with them. I do both here photos one room autos in another. Ive topped autos and really didnt see a different but 5 inches shorter and an xtra cola uptop. Lst gave me alot more solid colas and less larf weed at the end. Nicjy is a goid teacher for autos as he is the one who got me into doing anything with my autos. My first hydro bubblegum auto was a beast after he ran me thru the defol and lollipop routine. Let them ring in and im sure nucky will get u up and going good.

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Ok thanks

Nicky said he won’t train autos further than 45 degrees on the main stalk. After seeing what he gets for autos, I’ll be following his advice. Good luck


Thank you

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The guys both shared my experience.

If your limited to 5 feet it keep your light intensity high until week 8 or 9 then dial it back to prevent fox tailing but in the meantime it will control stretch week 5-6 it will stretch hard so be Ontop of it.
FIM at your 4th/5th node and you should be fine since it’s a indica hybrid.

If your in coco then you’ll grow big so fingers crossed your lights are good. If your in soil you won’t have a issue because it grows slower /smaller.

Defoilate week 3 of flower and then again when it gets leafy on another couple weeks


I would agree with @Nicky I see most top at about the 4th or 5th node in soil. I am in coco and wait till about the end of the 4th week. Coco will veg longer. So more make up time. In a 5’ tent. I would top early my self. It will be easier to control your plant early on. I am in scrogs so I want that early stretch. You also have the option @Mark0427 mentioned. To just let the main cola grow out some. And then bend it over. If it gets to big. Super cropping is not out of the question. I have done that as much as mid way into flower. You are off to a great start. What light is that you are using? If it is a normal led like say a viparspectra 450. Then top clearance will be a hug issues to deal with right now. You need a lot more clearance between the light and plant as compared to a QB.


So your saying I’ll be ok if I FIM them, the 5th node is just starting to come up. Just a bit nervous, they are doing so well would hate to ruin the yield. My lights btw are 2 1200w green go led full spec and 2 150w full spec round bulbs led. Actual watts for greengo is 250w per light and for the bulbs actual is 30 watts I believe.


My light are greengo 1200w led…2 of them, actual wattage 250 per and 2 round bulbs 150w led, actual 30w per

I do have glitter glue photos as well

Does this apply to both the wedding cake and geleto, I have a zkittlez too


Oh and I use soil, fox farm happy frog and fox farm nuts, grow big right now and for flower I have tiger bloom and big bloom from fox farms

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