Autoflower timeline?

Hi everyone…this is my first grow…and from what I see It’s going well… I “should” have kept better records as i am losing track of how long it’s been…

Started right in the dirt… best guess…8 weeks in? maybe 9?..

flowering is really good with the one I like to call “the mutant” ( in the Blue Pot )as her first 4 sets of leaves in the beginning were yellow with green veins but eventually became normal looking…she seems to be faster than the rest…

Due to small apartment blues my grow box is only 18"x18"x30" with an LED light “claiming” to be equal to 600w and I have a 440cfm carbon filter cleaning the air right from the box to eliminate the odor as best it can…it actually works great


I Keep Seeing things like “10 weeks from seed to harvest” for autoflower plants…How long is it USUALLY?.. Am I Close?

what is a good timeline to go by? here are photos of where “the girls” are today… should I worry that the flowers are small and not as many as I would have hoped or do I still have a while to wait?

thanks in advance…

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Forgot to mention these are Norther Lights Auto-fems

and YES…that is a pineapple top growing in the right corner of the box…

My experience with the northern light autos take about 16 weeks to finish with nice dense buds covered with crystals. Your plants look great good job.

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I thought that was a new strain of pineapple haze LOL

Your plants look really good

Let the trichomes tell you when to harvest every environment and every seed is slightly different I like to harvest when the trichomes are all cloudy with a few amber pay attention to the flowers and not the sugar leaves because they usually differ also good luck nice looking plants

UPDATE May 29…I think we are getting close…