Autoflower STS for feminized auto pollen

I’m just after a little help/advice…
I’m trying to STS the last 2 autoflower seeds i’ll ever be able to get my hands on again… i’m desperate to keep these genetics…
I’ve sprayed on the first sign of pre flower and both branches have stunted compared to the rest of the plant, but still no pollen sacs and im well into the 3rd week almost 4th since the first pistils… i have 2 more seeds of each strain but want to make sure i have it right otherwise they’re wasted…

My STS mix is

Part A- 0.4g silver nitrate to 500ml water

Part B- 3.9g sodium thiosulphate pentahydrate to 500ml of water.

Spray mix is 50ml of each to 400ml of water to make 500ml of sprayable sts…

Any help appreciated!

I’ve never heard of that, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot. Breeding has never been my thing.

I have heard of people using colloidal silver and that’s it.

I’ve read up on both, and found STS to have a clear advantage over the CS…but in saying that, again, i’m just clutching at straws trying to keeps these genetics… so disappointed that i didn’t get photoperiods as I’d of just cloned them.

Maybe. My first try was with colloidal silver. My plants produced pollen sacs. I don’t know what went wrong, but next go will be with the remainder of the CS. Probably treat the plant less (I went 3 weeks)

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How far in did the sacs become apparant? Im 3 weeks in and i cant see any yet…:sleepy:

I think using colloidal silver i think it only helps to produce pollen sacs i dont think it does anything for seeds i think u would have to let ur plant with pollen sacs pollenate the rest of ur plant to produce seed i could be wrong ive never done any breeding

C’s is supposed to be started like a week prior to flip spraying 2 to 3 times a day until u see balls form then stop. Sts is supposed to get the same results in like half the time. Dependant upon how strong the mix is might be a factor on what went wrong. Have u tried to get a ppm reading on the stuff u made to see how hot it is vs is like 30 ppm should be sufficient to make the sacs form. I’m not :100: on the sts being the same or not @Hellraiser I believe uses sts with great results.


That sounds reasurring! Everyone else ive seen use it has over 90% hit rate…me, not so much😪.
I’m using femenized auto seeds, not photoperiod… im guessing ive missed the timeline, or the mix is wrong… and anvice from @Hellraiser would be fantastic!

Thanks for the reply!

I think @Hellraiser may be able to assist.

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Mix looks right, should start spraying plants a week before flowering (which can be difficult to time with autos) and every 3-5 days thereafter til the male flowers/pollen sacks show up.


Thank you! So from what i understand, i should be able to produce pollen from one branch and pollinate the rest of the plant and still have time in the autos grow cycle to produce the seeds?

Yes that would work, seeds take about 5 weeks to mature so if it happens give the plant plenty of time before harvest for that.

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Sweeet! Thanks for the replies @Hellraiser you’ve give me some hope…I’ve only got 2 of each strain left… so I cannot f*ck up…
So is the STS mix i’m using similar to yours by the sound of it?

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Yes looks like the same mix ratio I used.