Autoflower strain needs light?




Amnesia Haze strain autoflower its like 3 months guys and just started a little the flowering stage.
Seems like a lot of time should be flowering by now ?
Does this strain if exposed to more light will flower faster or doesn’t matter the light schedule for autos >?



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The indoor grower will need to artificially induce flowering/budding in plants by changing the light schedule so the plant receives only 12 hours of light a day, and 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness.

Once the plant is changed over to the flowering (12/12) light schedule, there is generally another 6 weeks-5 months (average 2.5 months) before the plant’s buds are ready for harvest.



What is the light cycle now ? Hammer



Thanks for reply.
But is this the case for auto flower strains as I have ??
I thought they don’t need to be changed the light schedule for the autos to switch to flowering stage from veg.

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you should not have to change your light schedule for autoflowers. But if your plants are two months along you should also be seeing buds. is it possible that you confused the seed and planted the wrong one?


Well they have stayed usually all day sunlight during the day like 14 hours and the rest 8 hours of darkness .
But it’s been like 3 months since germination and my plants still do not flower just little white threads seen to flowering .
They are amnesia haze automatic strain.
I’ve had the impression it doesn’t matter the light cycle in autos

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@batranu can you post me a pict ? Hammer


Sounds like something’s up there buddy… autoflowers usually start in 3 to 4 weeks ?



Nice-looking plant! My guess is that’s not an Autoflower, I would start 12/12 immediately to induce flowering
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Bought them from Amster the guy told me they are autos. But not sure. If you are sure guys that are not autos I would put em on a 12/12.
Started to germinate them in April
Thanks again

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…under the given circumstances I would no longer consider it an Autoflower, and if I wanted to induce flowering I would change to 12/12



For the first few weeks, autos (auto-flowering plants) only make vegetative growth - stems and leaves. After their short “vegetative stage” ends, the plant will start making buds and continue to grow taller even while their buds are forming.

It’s only until a few weeks before harvest that most auto-flowering plants stop growing “up and out.” At this point, auto-flowering plants put all their energy into fattening buds, and buds can gain substantial weight during the last few weeks.

When purchasing auto seeds, good breeders will be able to tell you how long the strain will take until harvest. It’s important to note that most strain breeders will tend to provide the shortest time frame they can, and many autos will produce better yields and higher potency if left for a week or two (sometimes even three) longer than recommended.

How do I know when to harvest my plants? - Basically in addition to the visual appearance of buds, you can look at your buds under a magnifier to know exactly when to harvest for top THC potency.


Photoperiod strains usually take longer to harvest than autos. In general, photoperiod strains are ready to harvest 3-4+ months after being sprouted from seed, though the final time depends heavily on your grow style and which strain you choose. Even photoperiod plants flowered from seed tend to take longer than an auto-flowering plant to be ready to harvest, and the yields are much lower. Photoperiod plants do best when given some time in the vegetative stage before they start flowering, and aren’t as well suited to quick harvests.I


I will put them on a 14/12 schedule to determine if they are not autos.
What kind of changes/improvements should I see ?
The natural grow Like buds forming ?
Thanks again guys for your support

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Amnesia Haze strain autoflower its like 3 months guys and just started a little the flowering stage

When you start 12/12 what you can expect to see is more of the little white flowers !
-best of luck


And alot of stretching lol, half of the flowering time they will stretch cause they still continue vegitative growth half way through flower.

For example, if your plants have an 8 week flower time, they will stretch for 4 out of 8 weeks and the last 4 weeks the plant will focus on bud development and swelling


Oh boy they are already 1 meter and a half long hope they will stop growing :))
So I will need to keep this 12/12 cycle every day until harvest ?

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You can decrease the light, this is the schedule I use,

1st week:12/12
2nd week:12/12
3rd week:12/12
4th week:11/13
5th week:11/13
6th week:11/13
7th week:10/14
8th week:10/14
9th week:10/14
10th week: Harvest.

You can use this schedule as a bit of a refrence it will help you out


Great post @Majiktoker! Such a good little guide, that flower light schedule is amazing, I’m doing it right now win y Bluberry Clone B! She’s so frosty!


I’m using it for my grape og clone, and my Panama red clones