Autoflower Sour D loose in soil needing help

We are just about to hit week 4 on this plant. The other Sour D’s and OG Kush are doing perfectly fine and are nice and sturdy in their pots. All using the same custom mix of soil and nuts that I got from a professional grow buddy based out of Washington. I’ve carefully checked the top inch or so of the roots and not seeing any signs of gnat larva, root rot or any other signs of any other pests. From my understanding, these plants should be hitting the beginning stages of flower in about a week. Should I try to remove it from its pot and remove the lower leaves and try to re-pot to make it a bit more stable so close to flowering or find a way to just give it some support like the rods we use for tomatoes or what? It wobbles a good 3/4 of an inch in any direction extremely easily. Standing at about 9 inches tall atm. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh yea, they are all in 5 gal cloth pots.

It is really helpful if you can post a picture of the plant you are having an issue with and one of the others that appear to be fine.
Fill this out too. Really helps folks know what’s up without having to ask you a ton of questions. :slight_smile:

Photo or Auto?

Soil in pots?

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix?


Light system, size?



Ventilation system;

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier?

4 weeks is not really in flower range. That is the start of maturity.

I thought the site said this auto strain would be done in about 8 weeks. Maybe I miss understood. Guess that means I’m a month off or so from when I thought these plants would be done. lol Confusing because there doesn’t seem to be a standard out there when saying “Flowers: ?? Weeks”. Some people say that in terms of when it STARTS and some say it when Flower is expected to be over for whatever strain. Confusing as crap for newbies.

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8 weeks is the flower time. That does not include seedling and veg stage.

@Vex The time they say for example…7 to 9 weeks flowering means exactly that. That is how long under perfect conditions the plant will finish her flowering cycle. But a general rule of thumb is to add a couple of more weeks flowering.

This doesn’t account from the start of the seed to veg to the first sign of flowers.

Can’t post a picture sadly at the moment, but this is my second grow and the others are nice and perky and very full of life. No drooping leaves, no color issues no anything to be concerned with after looking at and reading the symptom checker as if it were a bible lol.

The one in question does have some minor droopage of leaves happening that started this morning which is how I discovered she was loose. No discoloration no other damage on leaves.

And here’s the rest that I can give.

Strain? Sour Diesel

Photo or Auto? Auto

Soil in pots? Custom Coco blend from professional grow buddy.

Top half is just Coco and bat guano. Lower half is:

8 large bags of high quality organic potting soil with coco and Mycorrhizae
25-50 lbs. of organic worm castings
5 lbs. of Blood meal 12-0-0
5 lbs. Bat guano 0-5-0
5 lbs. Fish Bone Meal 3-16-0
¾ cup Epsom salt
1 cup Sweet lime (Dolomite)
½ cup Azomite ( Trace element)
l2 Tbs. powdered Humic acid

Scaled this down for my uses and triple checked my math with him. Don’t have access to my revised (mini) version right now as I’m not on the PC that I have it saved to. But essentially exactly this on a smaller scale.

System type? Not sure what this means o_0

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Ph is 6.2

What is strength of nutrient mix? No additional nutrient mix is added. Only nutrients its getting is from the soil mix. Keeping it as organic as I can. Guy who gave me the soil recipe said he never uses additional nutrients and has never had to make a tea to amend anything.

Indoor/Outdoor? Indoor, Grow tent.

Light system, size? Two of these:

Temps; Maintains around 75 F

Humidity; Rides around 65-70

Ventilation system; 6 inch duct fan with carbon filter attached. Enough pressure to cause tent to pull in and cycle at a nice consistent rate.

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier? <- I use all 3 to maintain my temp and humidity levels.

Hope that helps o_0

Ah see, now that makes sense lol. Guess these won’t be ready by Christmas like I was originally hoping. Thank you for clearing that up for me :slight_smile:

Thank you and gotcha :slight_smile: Thank you for helping clear that up for me. This is my first time with Auto’s and wasn’t 100% sure on that. Definitely makes sense. I thought 8 weeks total was a bit fast but some of the info out there is quite confusing.

Yes unfortunately it is. Have to “market it” to be appealing lol. Good luck and happy growing!!

I appreciate it brother and you too man, thanks again.

Hey @Vex :wave: You’re in good hands. I’m just stopping by to say welcome to ILGM.

Things are a bit confusing for a while, but you’ll catch on! Read Read Read and sooner or later it will all make sense. :slight_smile:

Hi! and thank you for stopping by lol.

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No kidding lol. I think I found a solution to my problem though. Going to hit it with a little extra Endo Mycorrhizae and massage it into the top soil and wait until the soil is very very dry before I water it again. Just waiting on it to show up in the mail today :slight_smile: i may hit it with a little extra root stimulant I have as well just to give it a little extra boost and hopefully they’ll eventually take hold rather nicely. In the panic of yesterday I went ahead and stuck a fresh bamboo chopstick in the soil, very carefully, next to it and put some nice thick rubber-coated wire around the two to hold them together just tight enough to where the chopstick will help hold her steady but still allow plenty of space for her stem to thicken up as she grows. She’s actually grown about an inch overnight so she’s still doing okay and doesn’t seem to be stunted from the stress at the moment. :slight_smile:

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