Autoflower Slow flower Growth?

Halfway through week 4 of flower. Day 48 from sprouting. I can’t seem to get these girls to start bulking their flowers up. SimPro Bloom Formula w/ Fish Shit yesterday. They are drinking a lot more often now. PH water to keep soil PH within 6.0-7.0 range. Only one pot sitting at 7.0 soil ph. Keeping a eye on here. Foliage seems to be growing back healthy and abundant. I just don’t know what’s going on with their flowers. The seem happy, no nute burn on tips did have a little of that last week but that seemed to resolved on its own.
I am dealing with heat issues, temps are getting up to 34c. I have a mini swamp cooler I. There with two other fans I. There as well as a fan blowing through back vent and sometimes I’ll keep the door cracked with a fan blowing in. 6”in-line duct pulling air out.
Idk what to do, or adjust. Maybe im a week or two behind and im just inpatient/anxious. From what I see others grows with autos in week 4 of flower, a lot more dense/bigger colas with noticeable daily growth.
First grow and I’m learning I may not be able to grow in the summer. Probably just my lights.


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Your flowers are doing fine. Growth will slow down, and eventually stop, after the 4th or 5th week after “the stretch” is over.

Flowers usually start bulking up around the 6th week of flower and proceeds for a couple of weeks. At that point growth will stop as the plant focuses on ripening flower. You have a week or 2 to go before they really start bulking up.


Wish I could upload a vid for yall

You can post a video to YouTube and post the link here.

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Really, that’s a relief! I’m getting a little anxious I guess and not quite sure if I was maintaining a good environment for them to grow.

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Nice setup. It sounds like you have plenty of airflow in there.


Yeah trying to make sure the little 2x2x4 doesn’t get stuffy, especially with 4 girls in there, I want to make sure they have good air flow

@MidwestGuy got ya covered! You will notice 2~3 pushes as they bulk up new white pistols will continue to emerge as the first ones will turn amber colored and curl up into the buds! Patience is a virtue when growing cannabis. If ya can do it, keep outta your space for a day or two and then peek in! It’s like lil kids if you see them everyday you don’t notice the growth as much.