Autoflower seeds will not germinate


Hey I germinate by put in PHed water for about 12hrs. Then I put in there forever home of a 3 gallon pot 1/4” deep and give what I think is enough water. After that time will do it’s thing. So far all of my ilgm seeds have germinated and I actually had to toss one because it sprouted later and I didn’t plan for her. Do over do or think it and you should be good


So what soke the seeds in it 40/60 and how long for brother @cyberblast


In a glass like a normal soak. 24 hours at most then put them in the paper towell soaked with the same solution. Dont over-soak. just to wet. They seem to pop fast.


Cheers mate I’ll have to give it a go


I have had ver few problems when I get a white root, plant 1/4" deep in
seed starter soil and grow under high strengh flourescent lights (not to
hot until 3rd set of leaves appear and repot in fox farm organic soil an
move to indoor led grow system. Problem is getting the seed to grow a
root at all. You have some god suggestions which I will try on the next
batch. (I rellay hope they are not being xrayed as I like ILGM a lot.
Thanke for youur help and interest Bob, I appreciate it and will keep you


@livingpuppet The seeds go through customs at some point. They xray anything suspicious and sometimes just randomly. It is believed that this can kill the seeds. There is no way to prove one way or another, but when i see a whole batch of seeds that won’t germinate I have to suspect that is the issue.

If you can’t get a tail then I would contact customer support via the last email you received from the shipment confirmation of that particular order.

I’m a 100% germination with that method I described above but honestly they are just seeds and there are many proven ways to germinate seeds.


I agree with @bob31 in that you need to find order number and contact support if all the seeds you started maybe something did happen
@livingpuppet good luck I’m sure they will help you
And as I stated above I use exactly the same method you stated and have had 100% successful germination of IGLM seeds


I’m in Industrial radiography I deal with x-rays all day every day and radiation will definitely kill things if the Intensity is high enough I know they use a x-ray tube and CR (computed radiography) I dont know for sure but what they are x-rating they use very low intensity for a short time like at a dentist to x-ray your teeth I dont think it would be harmful enough to straight kill a seed but there is no way to know how high the intensity really is now that being said I just bought 5 seeds from ilgm and I tried two methods first glass of water for 13 hour to paper towel those two did not germinate method two was glass of water for 13 hours to a germination station that has a heating pad and a Incubater kind of thing that keeps the heat and Moisture in and all three germinated cant wait to see these blue berry autos grow


I had the same prolem. defitlet use warm water (small cup on top of thr VCR or cable box was perfect), but what helped the most was gently sanding the seed casing to create a thin spot. I did this and got 955 germination!


@Noobiegrower1 @bob31 is no longer with us he has stepped down
Did you soak beans for 24 hours until they sake and cracked ?
I soak 24 the paper towel for 24 and have 98% germination rate
So if i can help let me know


Heck ,I must be lucky, I germinated 5 of my white widow auto by putting them in filtered water in a glass. They sank to bottom, I left them there. About 48 hrs later I had little tails on all, I soaked peat pods and let them drain. I dumped seeds out onto paper towel and used tweezers to put them in peat pods only deep enough to cover them over, root down. I covered them with done and put under small led light I got on qvc. About 3 days later they came up and about another 3 days had true leaves starting at 10 days put peat pods with plants into soil of forever homes, 25 days later growing like crazy