Autoflower seeds will not germinate

My last 2 batches of seeds did not germinate at all. A few cracked open, but no sprout, Previously my germination rate was over 80% and water, light and temp are all correct. I am stumped. Is it the seeds, bad luck? or what. Very frustrating, can anyone recommend an autoflower seed that will have a high germination rate? Is there a way to improve my odds of getting brtter germination?


@livingpuppet where did you get those beans from ?
I’ve had 100% germination rate from the IGLM seeds
And if any of mine died it was user error
If not Iglm it could be a genetic thing?
So I’ll recommend any of the auto flower seeds from this seed bank
I have bba I just started and they sprouted two days after I placed them in soil
I grow mostly photos but I do grow autos as well with my photos just for the fun of it my main is always photos tho
Another question how do you germinate your seeds ?

All my seeds come from ILGM and until latley I had over 80% germination
rate. I am using a pre soak and paper towel method, but maybe over watering
and drowning the seed. cant be sure, buit would like to know which
autoflower seeds are easist to srout?
Thanks fot your reply as more seeds are on the way.


I feel all seed are the same at germination
If you are having a issue I would contact support tho
I mist my soil once maybe twice a day till mine sprout just keeping to top layer of soil moist not wet over watering will definitely kill off the tap root

Rockwool ph soak at 5.5 soak seeds overnight or until they sink then wring water out of rockwool place in seed put under dome in warm not too bright space. I don’t germ I plant them it’s very easy to damage taproot so I prefer not to germ the rockwool will hold just enough moisture and is easily moistened by adding a little water under it

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@livingpuppet any chance you could tell us how you are germinating? Hard to offer improvement if we don’t know what you are doing!

He actually did state he uses the cup and towel method I believe in a earlier post #3


I’d like to hear more exactly what he is doing though, because I have germinated 7 AF Seeds this year @100% germination rate @Countryboyjvd1971 and you have done some too haven’t you?

I have only germinated about 4-5 autos @bob31
But over 20 photos this year alone I’d say
So yeah I hear what your throwing out there buddy lol
I’m thinking soil being keeped to wet maybe ?

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I’m thinking It must be the after the tail is formed issue with over watering.

@livingpuppet What strains of autoflowers have you tried so far and what do you have on order?

Here’s how I germinate

Then right into their forever home with domes at the ready. Water is via a spray bottle of pH water. As soon as they sprout the dome goes on!


That’s the way man good growing mate :yum:

I just had two ILGM autos that sprouted and died. They are the first seedlings I’ve lost. The stems looked an odd yellow brown. I germinated in water, then into soil with a cover just like all my other plants. Dunno, I’ll try again this weekend.

I have been presoaking and using paper towels. This has worked fine for
outdoor seeds, not so well for indoor autos. I might be drowning them, So I
amlooking for a method where I can measure and control water-Rockwool? why
does that work so well?
And thanks for your reply.

@Loneviking I use the same method for germination
If your getting the seeds to sprout a tap root it definitely something that’s happening after you pot them
Do you mist or water ? Your freshly planted seeds?
I mist the top of my soil and only keep the top moist not wet this causes tap root to grow and search for water the tap root will always grow down looking for moisture once they sprout I continue to mist the top layer of soil until I have at least one or two sets of true leaves so not including the round leaves or single finger leaves
Once I have my true leaves I start lightly watering
Hope this helps
Happy growing
Keep us updated with your progress
:v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


when do you take them out of the paper towels? What do you do with them next? @livingpuppet

What are you putting them in after the papertowels? Are you seeing a small white root?

In the water presoak and then in the towel, us at least 40 percent peroxide .04 and 60 water. I use it 50/50. The peroxide gives them oxygen and also kills and disease bugs. It works. I have had a 98 percent germ rate on all my seeds. Even popping some old bag seeds. Try it.

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Thats the problem Bob. 24 hr soak most seeds sink to bottom of glass bowl,
place on double folded paper towel that is damp, then nothing-at best the
seed hull will show a slight split or crack along 1 side and then nothing.
I am not getting a sprout at all. All I can think of is they were too wet
and I drowned them?. I am looking for a better method that will control
moisture better

There are many ways to germinate the seeds. Here is what I do:

I get a shot glass and add filtered water. Carefully place the seed in. If it sinks I refloat it using a spoon. I keep it in the water until it cracks and I get at least a 1/4 inch tail.

As soon as the seed floats, I put a plastic zip lock over the shot glass to keep the air warm. I remove the bag for fresh air 3-4 times a day.

I put the shot glass in a bowl and then in a warm place (High 70’s, like on top of a cable box.) Then I cover the whole thing with a hand towel.

Many use the water soak to the paper towel method with success, but you don’t go any further on any of these methods if you don’t have a tail.

No tail, not a viable seed. It is possible that that batch of seeds may have been x-ray’d and they damaged the seeds or something? Not sure. I can say though that I am 100% germination from ILGM seeds.


Happy to elaborate further if needed?

Another method here, I use half water and half 3% Peroxide. The peroxide provides oxygen and kills bad stuff and then the water. Wont harm your seeds or anthing else. I drop my seeds in and doesnt matter if they sink or not, they will get oxygen from the peroxide. I leave them in the cup for 24 hours and if they pop there, fine, but usually will pop once I put them in the paper towel and I use the half and half in the paper towel also. Had only one seed not pop and that was because it was not a ripened good seed. I didnt think it would pop and it didnt. Try this out @livingpuppet

I had the same thing happened to me about 2 months ago couldn’t get a seed to germ to save my life. Even fresh seeds not all was from ilgm but good amount was, not saying anything bad about ilgm I believe they have the best seeds … I think bob31 is on to something about the xray at customs… I like the idea about the peroxide … @livingpuppet

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