Autoflower quick questions

From a fellow grower:

I’m waiting on my order of blueberries autoflowers and have 2 quick questions for you:

  1. Since autoflowers are smaller plants, how big should be the final pot?
  2. Since autoflowers have a short life and shocks should be avoided to not impact yeilds, Should I germinate autoflowers on the final pot to avoid transplanting?

I appreciate your help and looking forward to getting my seeds.

Never grown an auto but from what I remember seeing around here you shouldn’t transplant them. Germinate them as you would a normal seed but once you put them in a pot, that should be the final pot. My guess is final pot wouldn’t need to be any bigger than 3 gal, but this is all an uneducated opinion on the topic. Someone whose grown them will shed more light on the subject.


I keep mine under a small fluorescent for a week in small jiffy pots then put them under the big light in 5 gallon smart pots. II run 20/4.

  1. Final lot size any where from 5-10 gallon pot, (personally id say 10 gallon pot).

  2. No, don’t germinate in final pot, germinate in shot glass than plant in a 1 gallon and then final pot

I transplanted last time and feel it delayed the growth times etc. this time I had my final 3 gal fabric pot with ocean forest/coco in it. Then I made a little crater and filled with organic seed starter and put germed seed in it. Theory was it would be better on sprout and no transplant shock. It’ll just grow through the starter mix into the final soil.

Use Vitamin B1 to avoid transplant shock…its specifically for transplants…

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And if you know what your doing when it comes to transplants, they will risk little to no shock at all

I read about a method the other day that eliminates the need to transplant and should prevent the slow down in growth due to roots reaching for the bottom of a large pot .
It says you take what WOULD have been your final pot 3 to 5 gallons for autos fill it with whatever soil Medium you’re going to use then take a styrofoam cup ,cut the bottom off and bury it down to the top of the cup make sure you have cut the bottom off the cup then fill that cup with a light seedling soil then place seed
1 incht below top of soil … i havent tried it yet but i think i will unless i hear from @Majiktoker, @garrigan62 or @Paranorman @MacGyverStoner that it is not a good idea

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I am growing Autos right now and the way that I did it seemed to work well what I did was prepared my final pot place the small hole in the top of the soil then I got down there over the pot and took my little styrofoam cups and water bottles that the plants seedlings were in and took scissors and cut down one side of the rim all the way down the side across the bottom and up the other side thus splitting the cup in half then I removed one side of the cup and placed one hand against the soil on one side and pulled the other half of the cup away off of the other side of the soil ball doing this right over the hole of course the cup the root ball falls into your hand gently and you just lower it into the hole and then brush a little of the light soil up around the edges of what you transplanted then mist it with a water bottle really good .worked well for me I didn’t notice any shock and it was my first time doing it. Did 4 seedlings, ALL GOOD

I just heard autos don’t like transplanting. Not taking any chances.

That’s all up to you I transplant mine and barely ever get them shocked, and photo period plants I never have them shock after a transplant…and to correct you my friend, autos don’t like constant transplant like photo period plants, the less transplants the more they like it, 1 or 2 would be done I pushed mine as far as 3 but wouldn’t go any further


When you say your not taking any chances, do you mean your just going to put in final pot? @Jheezy

Yep lol

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I love it when I can look in this forum and find the exact question I have, already answered.

My Sour Diesel Auto has a 1/4 tap root. I’m going to drop it in it’s final pot of FFOF with a starter area of lighter soil.

I’m going with a smaller pot (2.6gal) to keep it small and hopefully force it to flower faster.

I saw a post in here where a two week old auto was flowering because it was in a solo cup.

I’ve started directly in final pot and I’ve moved em up to progressively bigger pots. I’d rather not bother the roots tbh I get the principle of roots n whatnot but with autos rather not tempt fate

What do you mean by “tempt fate? Have you had problems with smaller pots? I’m still really new to this