Autoflower Question. Light schedule change

Had an Auto and Photo flowering (12/12)… had to remove the photo. Would it hurt or hermie the auto if I moved it up to 18/6 to give it a few more hours of light the last few weeks. TIA

I believe it would go back into veg mode. But I dont know how that would effect auto’s I know they don’t handle stress well and can hermy pretty quick

The photo can revert back to veg but an auto does not because light schedule is irrelevant pretty much. Go ahead and change up the lighting if you want, but I wouldn’t mess with them too much. The stress could cause your photo plant to Hermie. I would stick to the lighting schedule needed for the photo and let the auto do it’s auto thing.


How far into flowering is the photo?

I had to chop the photo early. Just the auto in there but it has been under 12/12 for 5 wks now. Idk if it’ll be that beneficial to risk stress and possible hermie this close to beING done. This is one lovely lady.

In the wise words of the Beatles, let it be. Dark is just as vital in flowering as light is.

Your buds will double in size in the last 2 weeks.


Then Ill just keep letting my blackbird sing in the dead of night :v:


Ya beat me to it again, lo Great answer my friend 1