Autoflower producing pistils and sugar leaves, but no buds

Question from a fellow grower:

"Can an auto seed morphidite or in other words can light at a wrong time cause a plant not to bud but instead grow pistols and vegetation without forming buds? I call them runners. I usually have at least 1 every grow but never from an Auto. If this is not the right address please provide."This is a White Widow Autoflower.

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That looks like a bud. Will just take time to swell and fill out. What does the whole plant look like?


Look to be in early flower stage but also doesn’t look quite right with those smooth single leafs at the top.


Yeah the smooth single leaf scream reveg in my eyes. But it’s an auto? Hmmmm…maybe it’s a ww fem


What does the customers seed packaging look like @ILGM.Support

Does it say “WWFP” or does it say “WWFAP”?

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That was my first thought when I seen the picture,(reveg)

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That’s for sure what happening.


He said he gets a “runner” every grow. I’d seriously search for some light leaks during lights off. Welcome btw.

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What light schedule are you running…?

Continuing the discussion from [Autoflower producing pistils and sugar leaves, but no buds]):

I purchased 20 beans of White Widow auto. The pic attached to this thread was one plant out of 6 that actually germinated. This one grew much like a reveg. The buds or lack there of were very airy with single dark green oversized sugar leaves sugar. I got 24 grams of some really scrappy looking popcorn like buds. 14 weeks plus 2 for seedling I netted 1 1/2 gram per week. I must admit it was the best White Widow out of the 6 plants. Actually I had another of the 6 with this one that grew similiar until I put it under a 1500 watt led and that fattened them some yet I yielded 49 grams. Also really good high but ugly popcornish like buds.These yields are totally unacceptable. The other 4 grew short and choppy .1 Ill call the Stem Trainer which I spent many hours a week lst"ing this one to expose as many buds as possible. This is the only one that grew as hoped yielded 75 grams. Acceptable. The other 3 one I dubbed the jungle because it grew an overwhelming amount of veg. So much so that the bud closest to it’s branch was yellow with leaves that grew on top of themselves. I tried to expose this 1/2 of the bud to light by literally pulling the bud apart daily but they would just bunch back up. Thought of chunking it but instead I think Ill try to make some hash oil with it. The other 2 although thick with veg did produce 70 grams. All 20 beans were from the same batch with some serously messed up genes. 14 seeds that wouldnt pop and 6 that grew unlike any other before. This is not my 1st grow. Ive been growing since 2015 and Ive seen a lot of peculiar behavior from an untold amount of strains. One person asked if my packaged indicated auto. I will ad a pic byt yes it is auto. I stated at some point that I had a light leak but all research indicates that shouldn’t effect an auto. Ive never complained before but these results are unacceptable. I also bought 5 Golden leaf 1 I grew with no lst or fimming. All natural under 2 350 watt led’s. It’s was pretty with huge fan leaves but yield was only 54 grams High was ok. Wouldn’t recommend but I am germinating the other 4 and might change my mind.

Sorry about the disorganized and crappy quality. The 1st 4 pics are of the jungle 1 pic shows a nice bud the others show the inside of the bud and there at 12 weeks. Underdeveloped veg with a sprinkling of trichromes. The other pics show the airy buds and the 1 plant that I put under a 1500 watt led. In one pic you have on the left the finky looking bud plant that produced less than an ounce and on right is the 1 that improved under led. At time of pic they were temporarily under a cfl I use for seedlings. I believe I added a pic of the Gold leaf. At any rate I originally sent a pic of the bud and they referred it to the forum but what I had hoped is that ILGM would at least make good on the 14 autos that never popped. So if Im in the wrong spot please advise.

Autos do not reveg. It is ruderalis genetics or just straight mutation or deformity.

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