Autoflower producing pistils and sugar leaves, but no buds

Question from a fellow grower:

"Can an auto seed morphidite or in other words can light at a wrong time cause a plant not to bud but instead grow pistols and vegetation without forming buds? I call them runners. I usually have at least 1 every grow but never from an Auto. If this is not the right address please provide."This is a White Widow Autoflower.

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That looks like a bud. Will just take time to swell and fill out. What does the whole plant look like?


Look to be in early flower stage but also doesn’t look quite right with those smooth single leafs at the top.


Yeah the smooth single leaf scream reveg in my eyes. But it’s an auto? Hmmmm…maybe it’s a ww fem


What does the customers seed packaging look like @ILGM.Support

Does it say “WWFP” or does it say “WWFAP”?

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That was my first thought when I seen the picture,(reveg)

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That’s for sure what happening.


He said he gets a “runner” every grow. I’d seriously search for some light leaks during lights off. Welcome btw.

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What light schedule are you running…?