Autoflower problems

Hi. I started my first plants last August. I have clones from those plants and they are growing nicely. I decided to try amnesia haze autoflower and I’m screwing something up. I started my seeds on may 15 and I assumed they’d be ready in September, but I think the ones I have in my greenhouse are done.

Uploading… I have 4 in my garden and they are still quite small, but the 4 in my greenhouse are all developing differently and early? And what is going on with the 2nd close up picture, why does it look so different? Can the environment cause these differences?
I need a lot of help.
Please & thank you.

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I have 4 growing from may 15th,2 are 3 weeks in full bloom 1 is starting to bloom and one I pulled yesterday at 2 feet because I was sick of wasting nutrients and have plants coming up that would just love the space it was taking up. I wish I would have pulled it 3 weeks ago “Sentimental new grower” kept it alive to long.
I’m planning on flushing mine 8/1 for an 8/12 or so harvest. still weeks left to flower, let them grow and just watch the trichomes on when they are done

But mine are covered in red hairs? Isn’t that an indicator that they are finished ?

Some people harvest off pistols but most harvest off of tricome color. If you can get a jewelers loupe and look at your tricomes. They will be mostly cloudy with some amber ones when they are truly ready. There are 3 stages of ripeness of tricomes. Clear. This is not done yet and generally leads to a peranoid high. THEN YOU Got cloudy, More Of. A creative energetic high and amber, couch lock. But you can harvest off the pistols when they are 85, percent brown or red.


If its a ILGM seed the web site says 58 day " indoor flower" WTF the means to a outdoor grower? mine started flowering on 6/17 so im shooting for a 8/12 or so finish" that’s 56 days from flower for my ILGM WWA’s" having been planted around the same time I think you should be around that time too.

Thank you.

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Although you have red pistils, I’m still seeing quite a bit of white pistils which tells me the plant is still bulking up. Give her a few more weeks :v:


I would add 10 days to anything a breeders says and go from there. That looks like it has a while left.

My amnesia auto looks farther along than yours and still isn’t done. You’ve got a couple of weeks, more than likely.


Thank you all so much. I appreciate it.

Hi im using a 1000w led grow light and a 100w heat bulb/lamp can i ask is that enough for white widow seedlings,how can i make them grow?any tips would be excellent thanks

The grow space is 2ft x 4ft

I agree with @MattyBear to much white there but tricombs are better way to ck for rdy hairs work bout it’s luck on if it actually rdy a cheap jewelers loop works awsome I bought one and love it I paid like 3 bucks for it on Tophatter

May i ask why are you using a heat bulb? Is your grow space cold?

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I’m not using a heat bulb? I’m really confused. Lol.

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Thats what @Sirsmokes was meaning…i think :slight_smile:

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Yes thats exactly what i was talking about

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Sorry you had said a 100w heat lamp/bulb

Oh? Ok. I thought that was for me. Sorry.

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My bad i should have tagged who i was responding to