Autoflower problems help please

Hi I have a question my plants look like this I have no clue what it is there autoflowers I’ve been using the grow micro bloom advance nutrients line it’s been almost 2 months since it sprouted

Are referring to the brown spots? Or the flowers? Just tying to help, just need to be specific.


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Have you been tracking your ph and ppm

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The brown spots

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Hi so the strain is critical at-47
Not sure what seed bank pots
Also not sure the ph in the soil but the water before I put in it is 6.3
The nutrients is supposed to be pH perfect
I’m growing indoor with 3 350watts led mars hydro
The the temp aroun75degreestge humidity 35 ish
No co2
No humidifier no ac

Sounds like it could be a mag deficiency. Try adding 1tsp of epsom salt to your next water or feed event. Use the stuff that has no scent. It is inexpensive and works well. I use it with my current nutes because I know the plants will need more mag.

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Ok thanks