Autoflower Problems and solutions

Alright brotha thanks

I’m gonna tag along cause I love learning from others mistakes/issues.

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STRAIN: Crystal meth

Seed Bank: Seed cellar. Jackson,MI

Method: Soil fox farm Ocean forest mixed with fox farm happy frog.

Vessels: Cloth pots with drain pans

PH of Water: 6.5

Solution: General Hydroponics

Runoff: 5.8 6.0 and 6.2 in different pots

PPM: 750


Light system: 1 sf-4000 2 315 cmh

Temps; Day 73 Night 70

Humidity; Day 50% Night 50-45%

Ventilation system; Yes, Size 8 inch inline 480 cfm.

AC: Yes
Humidifier: Yes
De-humidifier: Yes

Co2: No

Will follow up with more photos at 4 am eastern pacific.

There on day 36

The run off pH sounds a little low to me, might be locking out some of the nutes. Let me see if I can get some more eyes on this @Covertgrower @Not2SureYet @Nicky I can’t find the grower using GH I’ve been following but I’ll keep looking.


Thanks! I always ph my water
I think my my problem was I didn’t test my dirt before planting

Heres a tag to my full grow log Auto Flower Grow Help

I use GH but not soil. @Myfriendis410 could help more than i could. He has used both before :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you

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I would flush it real good and give it a week to recoup

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Thank you. Few things with flushing would it help to give slightly more alkaline water say like 6.8 7.0 and also I have three gallon cloth pots n there 36 days old I was wondering how much water should I be flushing I’m at a gallon as we speak.

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Yeah I would definitely water with a higher pH if the runoff is low. I flush with my regular tap water and it’s 7.23. Haven’t had any issues because of it.

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I’ve been running into this issue with my girl as well and I’ve been approaching it like a Calcium deficiency. Since I’ve bumped up my nutes she seems to be responding much better. Given your in water and out, I would say your pH is prob much lower than 5.8. Sounds like a flush is in order.

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Alright brotha thank you much for the guidance


Just a quick update so I gave them compost tea 48 hours ago then felt the pots today two were dry already
So I flushed them both and the run off was 6.9 and 7.0 I believe the tea fixed my soil ph because I was getting a poor run off ph reading of 5.5 and 5.0 just last wensday.
What do you guys think??

Yeah; high intensity lights make the plant calcium hungry. You would be wise to run some cal mag at max dose for a week or two.

Yes this is low but not out of range to cause lockouts.

I see some clawing along with the C def but your runoff of 750 ppm seems a bit low. I would certainly advise supplementing at this point with soil salt levels that low.


Thank you for the clarification! One small misunderstanding is that my water I’m feeding them is 750 ppm and my run off is anywhere between 3000 and 3500.

Way too high. This value should be somewhere around 2,000 ppm in soil at this point. A flush would likely be a good thing to do.

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Big question? I have only fed them three times technically. I jumped from 250ppm to 750ppm because they were in pre flower not understanding that I could of start feeding much earlier. My question is what’s a save rate to ramp up the feeding to these lady’s there in week 5.

On it my friend thanks.

I have samples of Runoff of the two plants from the flush last night.The ppm was much lower reading at 1630 and 1700. I was wondering do I start feeding them on there next watering or do I wait?