Autoflower potency

I’ve heard that the same strain will be less potent as an autoflower than it is as a photo.
Is this accurate?

If you mean: Does an auto flower seed produce the same potency as a feminized, or regular (requires “sexing” after inducement of flowering cycles).

The answer is Yes. From my experience growing regular seeds for years, I have found auto flower genetics to be surprisingly potent. The grow characteristics are different. The bud development looks different. I am still experimenting, but the 1st 2 WW auto grows completed proved to be high in quality, and a smooth smoke.

I find the WW auto to have a cerebral type high.


I will respond in the coming of days , being I’m drying my amnesia now , than it has to cure . But a lot of the auto strains are really hard to get , because they always out of stock amoung several different seed banks , because they are just as potent if not more potent than some regular fem seeds , and they grow in a short life cycle which canmake harvesting more repeatedly and perpetual .

I did not find that the WW auto finished fast. My grows using 18.6 photo period took 110+ days to amber trichomes % being adequate enough to consider harvest.

One thing for sure; You can stagger auto plant starts, 1 every 2 weeks and eventually harvest every 2 weeks; Give or take.

Or; 2 plants every 3-4 weeks…You get the diea! :slight_smile:


I might be in for the same extension Latewood on a blueberry auto , but I’ll update in my thread. Not to flood others thread , but did they stretch much are fairly for a small 5 ft tent . My plan was to grow them outside in the beginning of spring , since I had one out grow my lil small tent .

In all reality it depends on strains/genetics - some are and some are not

For auto’s potency , the strains that are higher in THC would be the better in an auto , due to hybrids can take genetics of mother or father , are genetics of one and not the other , but the auto-flower strain has come a long way . I’ve had some pack a serious cough from being so potent , you could hardly catch your breath , and I had some that was border line to some bagged street quality , but do not under estimate auto’s , the game of breeding has change and making more changes even now .

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Agree yoshi - auto’s are geting better each year

No good results with autos to be honest, y began with autos: paradise seeds, dinafem, sweet seeds, pyramid seeds, breeds og kush, sour diesel, moby dick, jack 47, auto jack, blue berry auto, anesthesia, and 3 krops till now on indoor with induction lamp, and my experience is not good, y have some tolerance so I need good medicine, this plants grow well, have hard buds, but they give low cuantity, and low quality medicine, so I think don’t worth it

I am just finishing my first autoflower grow. Before I go on my background is over 40 years indoor experience. Have smoked on 5 continents. Use high end lighting and climate control. Got some free seed from Robert about a year ago, Bigbud autoflower. . Ran under light 24/7 plants never saw darkness their entire life . Harvested bus at day 72 and it it some very very powerful stuff very happy with auto ---- only way to go !!!

I had 2 autos yield over 3 ounces !

Yes, they are compact but very dense, I have definitely decided to go this way . I can harvest almost continually if I time the starts right .

Yeah that’s true but each plant responds different , seriously you will never have 2 plants to grow exactly the same .

You bet. I grew six as a test first one is harvested other five all different from each other , one is 5 feet tall and looks like a Christmas tree

Yes they can really stretched evening being an auto flower .