Autoflower Plants with seeds

Ok have a ? That may seem weird but here goes. Our autoflower seeds were planted and harvested. Great. But what do we have is seeds!!! How do you get seeds from a auto plant? What did I do wrong?

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All female cannabis plants will produce seeds if they are exposed to pollen. The pollen can come from nearby male plants, nearby hermi plants or the plant itself if it has gone hermi. The pollen can also come from relatively far away as it will float in the air and can be transferred via our clothing and hair, etc.

The plant being an auto-flower or a photo-period does not affect whether it can produce seed or not.


If you are growing outdoors, someone else’s male plant couple have done it. But if you’re in a tent, one of your plants hermied. A lot of time people know to look for “balls” - male pollen sacs that hang off the nodes, but they don’t know to look for “nanners”, which look something like a white pointed tongue emerging from a bud. I’ve had a few of those, at first I thought there were larger, thicker pistils appearing but nope.

A plant with a nanner or two can be saved, just tweezer the nanner out of the bud. But the ones with balls well, best thing you can do is find them before the sacs open, and remove the plant from the grow and sacrifice it. I’ll look for a picture.

OK, I couldn’t find my personal nanner pics, so here’s a couple I pulled off line.

nanners 2


From those pic those are nanas…plant is hermi from my experiences. I could be wrong


I’m not OP here, I was just found some pics showing what to look for. The “balls” type flowers are pretty obvious, but the nanners not so much. I’ve had three plants throw one nanner each, I think it’s the last ditch effort to reproduce.

Life will not be denied, I think they said in Jurassic Park?

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