Autoflower plants outdoor grow

Can i plant autoflower plants out of season? Im thinking here in November since weather in central Florida doesn’t get cold till February.

Good possibilty they won’t be done by the time it gets too cold

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Go for it I think if I lived in Florida the winner would be my primary grow time. Good luck


@Godblessyourmom Do you live below Frostproof, don’t they grow strawberries down there year-round.

I don’t k ow if it’s a good idea to start growing in Florida. Along the Texas Gulf line we are hitting lows down in the high 40’s this coming week. I’m expecting for it to snow again this year as the weather has been pretty crazy this year.

I think @Budbrother grows in florida year round.

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Oh god, we better not. Just had snow in 2017

Shit I got autos going outside rn and will keep dropin till March so as to finish by June