Autoflower planted, but is it photo?

Well i planted these 3 at the same time. Lights were 100% 18/6 since planting. The white window went into flower as expected and has been producing small buds and stretching just fine. But the other 2, have just been putting on bulk. No real stretch and

no bud production. No male balls, and i see lots of preflower bud sites. So ive swapped to 12/12 lights. This is the first real issue ive had with ILGM seeds. Ive enevr bought anything but autos as i dont have time to baby plants like photos required.


Some autos take longer than others. They typically flower between 4 and 7 weeks, but we have seen them take as long as 12 weeks to flower a few times.


Exactly this. Sometimes their auto trait is a little less dominant. After 12 weeks above ground, though, I’d change her light schedule.

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Im in week 9. I swapped to 12/12 yesterdayas i dodnt see any signs whag so ever of any preflower traits. No balls either. This is my 3rd grow so seeing this for the first time.


My opinion only. If a auto vegs past what you would normally veg a photo then flip the lights. I don’t veg photos for 8 weeks so when my autos get to that stage without flipping I flip them then and treat them as photos