Autoflower plant growing in sparsely

This is an autoflower plant, but I’m not sure what strain. Guessing sativa from the thinner leaves. Does this look OK to you guys? Seems less healthy than my other plants. Any thoughts or advice?

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i had one auto that looked like it wasn’t going to do anything compared to the others but i just kept going with it and it all of a sudden took off and about caught up with the others. it looks healthy

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With the 3 blade leafs i think it’s the auto gene Ruderalis, small amount of gene pool but you never know which parent kids take after. I’m not certain, I’ve googled Ruderalis n it’s interesting

oh good point! it does resemble ruderalis images

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I’ve had 3 blade leafs on tops of auto in flower, never on a photo except very first set of leafs on seedlings. Grow her and see what happens, I’d be interested for sure to see what happens lol

Don’t mean to hijack your post, but have no clue how to create a post…can you or anyone guide me?

@OIF3VET79 If you are new, you will have to invest a little time viewing posts prior to getting that privilege. I went through the same issue.

Once you get the okay, back to the main directory “Beginner” and on the right side you will see “+ New Topic”

Hope that helps.

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Thank you!

get them into bigger pots quick quick if you want pot. :sunglasses:

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