Autoflower pistils

I bought Goldleaf autoflower seeds from ILGM this year. This one’s about 5 cm tall, and it’s got pistils already! It’s outside in S. California with full sun. Planted in FF ocean forest. ??? It’s so tiny! They’ve been very slow growing since germinating. I started critical mass and Lowrider at the same time- they’re puny, but not flowering.

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Looks to be flowering, most likely something stunted it’s growth. It’s probably not gonna grow much if at all and it’s time to replace it, but that’s just my opinion you can keep it and might get a little smoke off it

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Thanks, MeEasy. This is just ridiculous. It took 4 seeds to get 2 sprouts and now this one is worthless.

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Dont know where you are exactly, but I looked at the last couple weeks temps in my old san diego area and I would say the ground temperature is still a bit cold. Needs to warm up before the roots really take off.

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That was my thought. It seems early for something to be going straight into the ground. You might try germinating indoors inside a solo cup, nursery bag, or something else similarly small and portable. Once the seedling is outgrowing her container, then place it outdoors. By then, you’ll probably have warm enough temps for the roots to grow comfortably.


Glass half full here. Hug/squeeze and love her. Grow 1 fat stinky bud. Cure it till xmas. Smoke the blunt while being Santa…:slight_smile:


:joy::joy::joy: that’s a fantastic plan

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HMM yeah Im not too sure either but it is definitely not right. That plant is already in “flower”…My opinion is to trash it and start over but with different start,I wouldn’t waste time/ resources on it now… :face_with_thermometer: To me it seems the problem is probably that you may have not had it in seedling stages with the correct amount of light? Try it again NOW that the weather is appropriate for outdoors. Good Luck!!

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Thanks, all. I shouldn’t have gotten autoflower, I guess. These were started indoors in cups. They’re outside for sun. They’re not in the ground- in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil in cloth pots. Roots were at the bottom of the cups before I put them in the big fabric pots. Don’t they grow weed in Canada? Surely, it’s been warmer in S. Cal.

Here’s the weather for the last month…

Temperature (° F) Max Average Min
Max Temperature 99 76.63 63
Avg Temperature 83.54 66.3 59.21
Min Temperature 66 56.93 50

I know @Fiz has had her share of trials and tribulations with autoflowers. They flower early but she has still managed to pull off some killer bud at the end. Maybe she has some insight - I have grown a lot but I haven’t ever really done the same autoflower strain twice yet.

@Graysin - you rang? :wink:

The tiny autoflower thing is an ongoing issue. I did blame myself for it in my first grow. Now I’ve got two living runts - one is an LSD autoflower which is 5.5 inches tall, one’s a mutant which is going to produce nothing. She got exiled to a windowsill ages ago. The shrimp is fully budded out and will be snipped really soon. Likely a couple of grams I think.

I’ve heard all kinds of ideas as to why this happens. Honestly, I’m at the “who knows” stage.

Since she’s healthy, I’d let er grow, but I’d absolutely back it with another plant. Since you’re growing outdoors, you’re not wasting electricity on her.

This is Claudette. Harvested 4/20.

This is Betty, the mutant. Still growing.

This is Audrey, the shrimp.

They are all LSD autos, all planted on the same day, all raised the same (until Betty got tossed out of the tent).


I would guess the ground temps are lower than that. Dirt is an excellent insulator.
Here’s a quote about cannabis root zone temps.

The most suitable temperature for root zone range from 15° to 30°C (59 to 86 °F) while perfect is 20° to 24°C (68 to 75 °F). Temperatures above 31 °C (88 °F) and below 15.5 °C (60 °F) decreases potency, retard growth, and, in extreme cases, stop growing activities and damage the plant for good. At 13 °C (55 °F) and below, the plant will suffer a mild shock and be damaged.

May not be what happened…But its good info none the less.


@kaptain3d has a plant that says hold my bong.

But seriously, I went to the 6/2 light schedule to help keep heat within parameters.


Thanks for that. They probably got chilled at night.

How long since it sprouted? I’m no expert but could be genetics. I had a gorilla glue auto that went outside last year in New England May 9 and saw lower temps. I thought autos were supposed to be more resilient to cold.

Here are pics from when I put it outside and another one in flower. It did foxtail like crazy though.

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Ah! I love your greenhouse tent! I may need to get one of those. That little guy flowering was probably about 1 month since sprouting. I’m growing 2 other auto varieties and they’re small, too, but not flowering. Yours look lovely! Cheers! I’ll start more once it’s warmer- it’ll probably be too warm all of a sudden. No issues with Fem seeds last year- I think I’ll go back to those (or the dispensary).

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It’s good for early in the season if you need to get any small plants out the cold, wind and rain. Just don’t use for flowering plants or they’ll get rot. Those little tents can get pretty humid and there is very little airflow.

[quote=“Swimmr, post:9, topic:86503”]
I shouldn’t have gotten autoflower, I guess.
[/quote] Hmm No not really…Its not that you got Autos…its that something else is amiss? My autos are great! Some better than others though…Ive had good yields…(for what you get from autos) I don’t need pounds of weed,I grow more for “sport” if you will…as a hobby,I grow cause I like to grow weed! Its an awesome plant…Oh yes of course I smoke it and that I like too! I don’t have to go to friends anymore or the rip off Cannabis Dispensaries either!! Photos I do once in a while but auto satisfy my " need it yesterday" lifestyle… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You’ll get it! Just keep @ it!!