Autoflower over scheduled time but not much flower

Hi all. First time grower.

I’m growing Amnesia Haze Autoflower.

I’m 85 days in since sprout.

The guide says it has a 58 day flower time. Which I assume is 58 days from sprout.

So, I think i’m well and truly overdue to harvest.

Problem is, it’s a pretty poor showing. There isn’t a lot of flower.

So i decided to get looking at the trichomes and the attached images are what i have.

They look cloudy to me, but there isn’t much flower. I assume i have other problems but regardless i need to harvest now - am i correct in thinking this?

WIN_20190716_21_27_59_Pro WIN_20190716_21_28_53_Pro

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To me it doesn’t look like the plant has began to flower. And the time that they give you is for the plants flowering period. So that means, around 58 days from when she starts flowering.


First welcome to the community my first thoughts looking at the picture it’s in transition Between veg an flowering . I vote with @imSICKkid start your 58 Day count in a few days.


Time is just the flowering period from when you start flower. And that time is just an estimation, can go longer or shorter.


I agree with the other guys and you probably have at least 60 more days if not more.


you are all legends. thanks so much. you make a n00b happy today. reinvigorated. will post pics throughout flower. thanks all again!

That plant is just showing pistils. You have about 2 months at least. That wouldn’t even get you high.


Also, your plant looks great and those are just trichromes on the leaves. Just wait. Your in for a show.


so stupid question #2 then. should i have left the lights in veg all this time? and only now switched to bloom?

You need to download the Guide and Bible. Start reading!

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You’re good your plants look healthy. Most plants will run over the estimated flower time don’t be surprised if they run out quiet a bit to get finished product. There’s also a lot of factors plays into that. Good luck

85 days in veg! I’m growing an amnesia haze auto as well and i’m closing in on day 50… that seemed so long, but wow, you’re at 85! show us a pic of the whole plant. is it huge?

My 1st try at AUTOs a WWA @25"& 13Wks. Then other two @ 9Wks,35"&41"…note that the closest @35" is more mature than Sister. They very.

So, quick update. I’m 20 days from that photo (which I’m calling the beginning of flower).

30 or so days to go.

Wish I pruned earlier but live and learn.

Thanks all for your help - legends.

This is what they look like now…


I suspect it was less than 85 days as flowers were showing a week or 2 before those original photos. Are you showing flowers yet?

Finally, yes! Day 65 is marking my first week of flower. just posted an update today. that puts us about on the same schedule then. long veg times for these ladies.

Question: How do you get the close up pics?

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