Autoflower Outdoor NYewbie

Hey everyone new to the forum, up here in Westchester county ready to bother the neighbors with that smell wafting over the fence. i stealth grew (moderately well, at least i never got that unmistakable sheriff knock on the door) for several years about 12 years ago with 2 1000w hps, so i have some experience with the basics and terminology. I can’t really go indoors now even though its legal, so i want to try auto flowers for outside, I’m hoping to get 2 rounds of outdoor harvest. if I start auto flowers inside under an LED soon (next 2 weeks or so) until they start to flower and then move them outside (at the latest 7 weeks from now assuming the plants start to flower 4 to 5 weeks after planting), hopefully finishing in 8 to 10 weeks after that. Then second round I want to follow with some regular feminized seeds that will also be started inside, a bit later and held inside a bit longer.
I will have many questions I am sure at different stages but I will try to start at the beginning. I need help selecting auto flower seeds that will do well in NY finishing while it is still warm and humid (late august), And then which strains in general grow well in New York for the 2nd round. The last few years I have lived here summers can be very windy and do have periods of several cloudy days in a row. I will be growing in smart pots so I’m not as worried about rain overwatering them, but they will have to like moist climate and prob need to be mold resistant too. I appreciate any help you can provide and will be happy to do the same if there’s an area I have more experience with. Thank you in advance, Outdoor NYewbie.


Go for indicas they grow faster and because of that you may harvest before rot seeps in zkittles will always be a fave for me

Gorilla glue isna killer strain. Best i grown so far. A definite keeper here.

Zkittlez started to flower in about 3 weeks for me. I take her to the deck for sunshine as often as weather permits.

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I’m also new to outdoor Autos and one strain that I’ve added to my ever growing seed bank is Northern Lights.

It sounds like a resilient strain that can handle the outdoors well.

I’m in ny also and will be doing outside and inside. Be careful cuz I thought qe can’t legally grow until 18 months after the first recreational sale. But be cautious anyways lol

That’s what I was going to ask if you say on like a nice day can you leave your plants outside and bring them in at night

I would have them outside early on so they harden so to speak - don’t want to shock em with full sunshine suddenly. Better they grow into it literally. My 2 cents. Welcome to ILGM I agree Northern lights and White Widow would be good choices.

I bring my smaller ones with me when it’s nice out. Shut my second grow space down for a handful of hours. 20-30 hours a week ish. Helps on the electric bill.


Be aware that if moving plants from outdoors to indoors you run the risk of bringing bugs in that could effect any other plants that you may have inside.


ILGM Super Skunk and I would start my photos now.

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Obviously not giving legal advice but my understanding is that plants are allowed immediately. 6 total, 3 mature. But going over the minimum is only a misdemeanor (within reason) so I am not worried about having a few extra girls. We can have up to 3 oz outside the home as well, pretty lenient.

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I am planning to veg in my closet but I can’t flower indoors because I’m sharing a house with someone who is very sensitive to the smell. My neighbourhood is a little residential so at 1st I was concerned about security but I decided to bring them up on my porch every night from their spot 20 yards away, right next to the motion light, glass door and dog. I think I will just get a fairly dark camping tent to keep on my patio and just tuck them into bed every night. I even have a portable air conditioner that also works as a dehumidifier if they need a little spa treatment overnight in the tent.

The camping tent started as an idea to keep them a little drier (rains a lot here in the summer some years) and less buggy at night, but I am wondering if i can also drop the humidity inside the tent with a little xtra seal (tarp over the top) and if i get a cpl really cloudy days in a row ill drag my led out there too. Full disclosure ill sleep out there in necessary, haha.

That’s what I heard too but I haven’t seen anything in black and white … you have an article or something ? I’m assuming your in New York and I’m very curious to know the actual law I’ve heard twenty different things

Just burst my own bubble a little bit after some research I probably should have already done. Turns out the 18 months after 1st legal sale is correct. Now it’s 3 oz but later it will be legal to store up to 5 pounds in your home. I’m still gonna go ahead anyway I will just plead ignorance if anyone comes calling.

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3 mature 3 veg veg. Unless u have a household with 2 legal adult then its 6 veg 6 mature. Can start growing 18 months after the first legal sale, 6 months if you have a medical card. You can posses 3 oz of weed on your person at any giving time right now and 5 lbs at home once the growing law comes into effect. Belive me I know the laws lol I make sure I read the actual law that is written because even a news station messed it up and said we can have it immediately when we can’t. But I’ve been doing it for years so nothing much is going to change except now I can have them legally in my backyard instead of trying to hide them back there and then my guerilla grows. Then obviously my insides