Autoflower Outdoor Grow

This will be my first grow using autoflower seeds from ILGM. My question is: With regular plants, I know outdoor grow needs total darkness in their light/dark cycles. Are autoflowers affected by say a back porch light at 30 yards? Thanx in advance

Nope, you’re good

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the moon shines on my back yard like a bright light from the heavens and i have no problem growing

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Thanx…I kind of thought it was a non-issue, but as a first time auto grower I want to cover all the bases

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@Oldcannaguy buddy your going to love them! I’ve been growing autos for 1 year now very cool! I grew strictly on 12 12 for these pictures but have moved up to 18 on and 6 off with 400 watt hps , I only switched to 18 hours on due to I have switched back to normal plants that need vegging ! I see no difference with more light so your good, I’m looking forward to some autos outside this year in Canada aswell

Your girls are looking sweet. The last time that I grew indoors was in the mid 70’s. Used nothing but banks of fluorescents and a prayer. Indoor grows seem much more technical now. Because of my situation, I need to grow outdoors. I am way excited to get to germinate these autos. It’s a first for me. I’m reading everything I can on outdoor auto grows. Seems like majority of info targets indoor grows.

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Shouldn’t be a problem with the autos.

1st time grower as well, and like you I too grew in the 70’s…but that was skunk weed when we were kids.
I’m in west central FL, and I have autoflowering plant in my patio. I have a small LED grow light that I use to give my plant light intense enough to grow. The weather recently has been so windy, I dont want to put seedling outside. As she grows however, I’ll need to relocate to the pool deck. I chose AF because it is supposed to be short and bushy. It’s that nosy neighbor thing…
My real concern is how the plant will handle the blast furnace of FL summer temps, with real high humidity.
Any thoughts would be apppreciatted

Good morning! Being able to handle Fla. Heat and humidity is tough. You could research seeds who genetics would handle your climate. Howz 'bout a small fan to provide some cooling & increase air flow. May help to combat molds & bud rot.
"Long Days and Pleasant Nights:

I bought seeds from Pacific Seed Co. The strain is “Grapefruit” and it is an indica autoflower. According PSC, this strain thrives in high humidity. Time will will tell.
Planted on 3/1, and now its about 4" tall and really starting to develop. Temps are in the 50’s at night, 80’s in the day. I have it in shady spot of the patio with a grow light. Its surrounded by numerous herbs.


Autoflower Cannabis – How To Grow And Grow Guide :arrow_left:

I am new to this whole site, including the forum. I didn’t see how to submit my own question, so I am replying to one that is in the same subject area. I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area and I have purchased the Zkittlez Autoflower seeds. My thought process is to get them germinated around mid-January indoors, moving them to maybe solo cups from rockwool cubes in a couple weeks and transplant them outdoors within a month. A few questions here… is a 3 gallon smart pot good for these plants, or should I go with 5 gallon or beyond? Is my timing and process good for the germinating/planting? I am concerned about the heat of the summer. Planting at that time, I hope to avoid that. Am I able to plant a second crop? If so, when should I start it?