Autoflower or not?

A question of a fellow grower: I am at day 69 and the plant is over 5 feet tall. Everyone that looks at this plant tells me it is NOT an auto flower… I have enclosed a few pictures

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Ive had autos grow to five foot indoors so outdoors they can definitely get that big
Looks like you Have started to flower as well ?
Except for size differences they look the same as photos ?

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You just got a real big auto depending on your region they can finish and 70 days and in other places 170 days just keep feeding her and she will do on to you what you do on to her another words she looks great love the Milk crate set up You should join our forum we would love to help and see her grow what is it ?

Hey guys! Had to do the milk crate because the wind knocked it over… started as an indoor grow, but out grew my tent! It is a white widdow. As for flowering…I see very few pistols. So at the very best it may be in beginning stages of flower. Wife accidently topped it at 18 inches thinking it was my Blue Hawaiian photo I was growing. I don’t see how I can post more photos of her on here though? The seeds for this plant were ordered through here…Other autos I have done from other places have gotten big, but NOT this big. I run a 1\3 Coco, 1\3 perlite and 1\3 Fox farms Happy frog soil mix and feed them with the fox farms trip at 1\3 strength.


Hard to say but ifbyou see pistols then you starting to flower ? Not sure where your at region wise so you need to determine if the day light has reduced enough to strart photos flowering stage
Im in the NE and we have started to flower here cause of the reduction of daylight hours

I’m Central south…I had flipped my lights to 12\12 a while back due to this spposedly being an auto…and no the sunlight hours have not decreased, sun would still be out at 6pm if it wasn’t raining. Won’t get dark quicker until hurricane season is over. I still DO NOT think this is an auto…which upsets me that ILGM just threw it into a forum, and doesn’t want to respond, because what was originally posted is not the whole story. It’s like ordering a Dodge Demon, and getting handed the keys to a Hellcat…Not what I ordered.

Hey Claire can you help this member or put him in contact with the right person on your side
he has a sales support issue and isnt looking for grow advice atvthe moment
Thanks in advance and best wishes :v:️CB

@Pyro1711 other then this i cant do much on the sales side buddy give them a little time to Respond
Happy growing :v:️ CB

WOW… Still NO response from anyone concerning this issue. I honestly DO NOT think I will ever buy anything from ILGM again due to lack of any type of support regarding issues with their product. I will stick with the seed banks I have used in the past, and have gotten what I ordered. I have patiently waited for the ILGM “experts” to respond to this issue and give some insight to this issue, appreciate the responses from the ones who were kind enough to make an attempt. However, as it stands at the current moment, I have a photo period plant that was supposed to be an AUTO. DID NOT GET WHAT I PAID FOR, and that is quite honestly NOT RIGHT! I have also informed my fellow growers at the forum I have been a member of for 2 years, and many of them have also mentioned past bad expieriences.