Autoflower Northern Lights- moving from indoor closet to outside shed


Hi- I’m planning to move 3 autoflowers Northern Lights that I grew inside a closet space to an outdoor shed that has been converted for growing. They are just about 1 month old so have a while still to go. My question is what light cycle should they go on & temperature? Currently on 24/7 CFLs, temps around 79, just showing white hairs now.
Thanks for any input.


It is becoming apparent that if you shorten the photo period of auto flower plants; You risk the possibility of the plant finishing, and you lose yield. I grow my auto flower under a 18.6 photo period,and I am impressed with he size of the plants.

Seeing how you have been at 24/0…(I never use this photo period), you either have to stay the course at 24/0, and be patient, or drop to 19/6 to force a change in the plant to realize it is time to finish. Peace


Thank you for your response, I’m going to go with that & hopefully they turn out well.I just moved them out to the shed & everything seems to be running smoothly, extraction fan, intake fan, circulation fan.Being in the Pacific Northwest though the temps will start to get down in about 5-6 weeks so I’m hoping they’ll be ready by then.
M :relaxed: