Autoflower Northern Lights Indoor Grow: Seedling Inquiry

I’ll be able to germ my second seed in the rapid rooter tomorrow

Alright, I could use some knowledge here fellas!

I did end up starting another seed but want to understand what is going on with my first attempt.

I started it 7/13 - it popped eventually - put it in a jiffy - took forever to sprout. It grew very little till on 8/3 I decided to see what was up. I took it out of the jiffy to find it hadn’t made ANY roots whatsoever!
I was using a rapid rooter for my second seedling so I figured what the hell and put the initial seedling in one as well just because.

To my surprise, it is seeming to grow, not up, or out - but you can see the leaves forming. It seems fragile still like it’ll just fall over sometimes.

Here it is 8/4 the very next day

Here they are today - Look at the one I planted that same day 8/3 vs this one 7/13.

So I’m curious why this one didn’t grow roots in the jiffy - why after putting it in the rapid rooter it is evolving but not growing. Is it dead or going to die eventually?

@maddladdchadd i used the jiffy peat pucks this year for my 3 photoperiod’s and will never use them again I made it work but they retain way too much moisture for a seedling and the fabric around the puck is not at all root friendly, took about a month for my 3 photoperiods to take off through the pucks. Plant in a clear cup with soil and then put that cup in a solo cup so you can just pull out the clear cup holding seedling and see the root growth.