Autoflower NL ready?

Let’s see autoflower northern lights. Grown in cheap potting soil. Popped on April first. Trichs look cloudy to me. And plenty of red hairs. But doesn’t look done done to me but idk. When hairs are 80%red gonna chop no matter what


You’re looking pretty close to being ready :slight_smile:

how many days?

Well, that depends…

What percentage of the pistols do you feel have already turned red ?

Since germ. 90-92 days.

Percentage wise I would say it’s ready 80-90%

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Something nagging in me says hold off buds look not ready. But then again it’s an auto that I probably stunted and did other beginner mistakes I haven’t seen any red trichs so maybe hold off. Believe me I’m ready.

Well, going by what you said above I think you have your answer !? (Glad I could help!) LOL :laughing:

Serious though for years I harvested right about that point and everybody loved it !

when to harvest is kind of a matter of personal taste
-best wishes

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Think I’ll harvest the main colas in the morning and maybe see if the rest of plant plumps up a bit. Mr indecisive has spoken lol. Morning it is. Or should I cut the lights and harvest Sunday night. Oh lord…

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Have you looked at the trichomes?

I’m guessing they’re a pretty even mix of clear and cloudy about now

It looks like he started his NLA grow about 2 weeks before mine, and I’m an even split between clear and cloudy right now. I’m wondering how much amber is there.

Congrats @Jheezy. Your grow is looking really good. I’ll leave the advice about the optimal time to harvest to the more experienced growers here, but from what I can tell, you’ve got something that you can be proud of. Nice work :slight_smile:

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Yeah clear and cloudy. No red trichs. When leaves look a little powdery is that the cloudy trichs view from the naked eye ?

Thanks. Looking back has been a long long grow and two different cabs three different light setups. Glad I bought big led or I don’t think it would have turned out. Had a 45watt led panel I bought for $40 don’t know actual watts and four 23w cfls. Then upgrade to 600 watt. (272 actual) led enough for one or two autos. Maybe one reg in future. Really want to try high yield mix especially chocolope. Should I put her in the dark?

“When leaves look a little powdery is that the cloudy trichs view from the naked eye”

Dude if you’ve got powder on your leaves you might wanna put some pictures of it up asap

-look up pictures of powdery mildew, compare ?

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I’m just bad at descriptive words. Sugary?

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I see some some pm. Powdery mildew we call it.

Really? Looked up pics looked different. U think running a dehumidifier might help.?

Jerry Garcia said Shake it Sugaree and now you did too

Big difference between sugary trichomes on your leaves and powdery mildew lol!

You don’t have Powdery mildew or ‘PM’ as someone suggested, your doing fine