Autoflower newbie

Hey hey hey progress report!! Got the light up and need to get more reflective barrier but here is the start, also seeds have not shown up but everything else is here!!!

Got the light running 18/6 test cycle to see how hot the room gets. AC Infinity makes a bad @$$ set up. A lot of technical stuff for all the features but nothing i cant figure out!!


@Tom6377 @VirginiaGrowBoy @Docnraq @Sj2019 @Coonass @HMGRWN

Anything else you guys think i may need, got a ph/moisture tester off ebay what are you guys using.

This is what i have been using the local growers recommended it.Cold Winter Sale - Bluelab Truncheon Original TOP seller

I use an Apera Ph pen and a 12 dollar el cheapo tds meter.
Apera Instruments AI311 Premium Series PH60 Waterproof pH Pocket Tester Kit, Replaceable Probe, ±0.01 pH Accuracy

Water Quality Tester, Accurate and Reliable, HoneForest TDS Meter, EC Meter & Temperature Meter 3 in 1, 0-9990ppm, Ideal Water Test Meter for Drinking Water, Aquariums, etc.

Maybe, list everything you got.

The greatest quote ever

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If you can’t fork out $300 up front all at once on lights, buy goid but smaller ones and add to them 1 by 1 as you get funds.

I literally bought these 3 LED lights plus one more ONE AT A TIME over 12 months. About $90 each used on eBay. 100 W input full spectrum each.


Everything is listed up above lol, yeah i feel ya though, sometimes these threads run a while ahah
I think im golden once the super soil and seeds show up. Thanks for the helps growmies!!!


This is what im going for. Day 39 rn. Bit ill be happy with 4 ! Lol


I use Coast of Maine Bar Harbor potting soil and Jack’s A & B w/epsom salt (Jack’s 321). I use MPK after flip and Fish Shit. 3 and 5 gallon cloth bags and 5 gallon buckets on my autos. I grow them in a 2x4x5 tent, Sonofarm SF4000 that measures 395 watts at the outlet, 4" exhaust to outdoors (no filter), 1 9" fan on floor. I do not sprout autos in Solo cups. Right in bag or into Root Riot plugs they go. Immediately into bags when the first root shows in RR plugs. I cannot smoke/use due to job - but fam & friends tell me its all awesome! I’m very impressed with my dry weights and I really like ILGM seeds! 10 + 10 autos is a friggin’ awesome deal. See if anyone close wants to do some trading. Build up your collection! And this hobby IS addictive. Have fun, there are no stupid questions…

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@sandune Amen brother! Im going to do strait seed to super soil/happy frog mix. I dont smoke but love growing for the wife.
Its a rush!


@Sj2019 and everyone else.
First seed is in (White Widow) and another tomorrow when mail call happens (BlueBerry)


And off we go!!!

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Sounds awesome

That closet setup looks like success already good job
What kind of black pans are those in your closet ?

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@Sj2019 SuperSprouter 10x20 no hole Propagation trays

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I LOVE blueberry!

He is one Blueberry auto I harvested in July I think it was. 3.2 oz with incredible color and great flavor.


here is what it looks like now. temp is holding steady around 75F with 40ish humidity. light is at 50%


You look like you have all the key elements in place. You might need another fan… they make ones that mount directly to your upright poles. That way, they don’t take up floor space.

Anyway, looks like you are getting a great start. If you don’t mind, I’d like to pull up a chair and hang around to watch your grow… and more importantly, your journey along the way. Get ready… it’s a trip!!!


Stay for coffee and cakes buddy. I do have more little fans like that one but plan on getting a clip on that will blow down on top of the light. I did do a 2 day test run of the light and had the temp gauge above it and it never got above 80F but its only at 50% so i bet it will get hotter once the light gets turned up and plants start growing.


I turned my light up to %100 once and the closet got very warm and the top of the light got over 100 degrees, I never turned it up to %100 again and leave it at %75ish and just lower or raise to meet DLI needs.