Autoflower light cycle


Ok guys, I have 3 autoflowers in full bloom, I’m running them 12/12. My question is since they are autos can I put them back on an 18/6 cycle without hurting their cycle? The only reason why I ask is because I have a Bruce banner plant that is getting to big for the little grow room and I have to move her and didn’t know if I could change the light cycle on my timer to 18/6. I don’t want to flower her yet, I am using her as a mother plant and want to clone her as many times as I can.


I am new too but from what I have learned is that the auto flower does not go by light cycle. Hence my auto flowers are going 24/7 in flower alongside the veg stage f the fem. I was told that is ok so I am just passing the information along. Hopefully I got it correct. Good luck


Autos can be ran on 12/12 from seed sense auto flower and don’t need you to switch them for them. You should be fine to even put all your plants under 12/12 if they are all autos. They will Flower even if you had them on a 18/6 for ever.


I understand that, my question was can I go back to 18/6, there been in 12/12 for a month now but need to stick a photo in there but I don’t want her to flower just yet. I might just wait and harvest the autos before I move the banner.


The light cycle will NOT effect the flowering of an auto flower. It will flower genetically by itself


Although it will not effect the flowering of the plant what u do have to watch for is stressing it to hermie. I would switch it an hour a night until u have it on the schedule u want. Just my opinion but autos don’t like stress of any kind


Thanks @Justgrowin I’ll start that today, gradually move back up to 18/6 with an hour each day.


Just my 2cents. I’d raise it a half hour each day