Autoflower Keeps Stretching


Ok, so now i’m having another issue. My plant is 42 days now and it’s over 3.5 ft tall. It’s the northern lights auto flower strain. My lights are at the very top of my tent which is 4x4x6.7 It was 18 inches from the lights this morning, now it’s about 12 inches away. I’m going to have to move it out of my tent. Any suggestions how to stop this thing from growing?


Cut the tops down just a little


I’m not really sure how to do that?



Lmao good one @FyshhTrap exactly lol, but no seriously @rvf239, take a pair of sharp sterile scissors and remove the top 6" of each part of the plant growing past its limit, it will limit you to 6 more inches


Your in flower why not do some bending of tops that way you dont slow her down or set her back


Bend her stem, look at different trainin techniques used for tater on in the flowering stage, for when girls start growing up in the light. @rvf239


Thanks. I will look up some stuff. Appreciate the help


If your gonna bend for lst supercropping is the way to go, all you do is squeeze and crush the stock where you want to noted it doesn’t need much pressure only squeeze until you here a pop noise. The popping noise is the sound of you crushing the xyloem on the inside of the stock. The purpose of supercropping is to be able to strengthen the stalks and overall make it thicker and support heavier weight, their for making higher yields. Also supercropping helps manage plant height and is an effective way of getting an even canopy and cutting off apical meristems (upward growth) and will focus it on the lateral meristems (branch growth, wider growth), also result of supercropping it forms a knuckle, maybe this is something to consider to control your height.

Happy growings


Well @rvf239, @Majiktoker said it best with the supercropping, probably your best option.


@Hawkeye_diesel, I thought id swoop in and help explain what you were explaining more thoroughly, I kinda got the expression that’s what you were trying to say, correct me if im wrong


@Majiktoker, yes thank you, sometimes I have a hard time articulating what I have worked out in my brain to say and then somewhere in the middle it gets jumbled up and I can’t get it out like it’s supposed to come out.


All well thats why we are here @Hawkeye_diesel some times I have the same problem


I blame that from the Army, as well as my forgetfulness, sleeping problems, dislike for large gatherings, and my memory problems. Almost for got about that last one (;


Well its a autoflower and 42 days along so the best bet is one with least amount of stress he only has about 35 to 45 days left till harvest …wouldnt supercropping at this point stress the plant alot and most likely hurt his yield or at the least slow things way down for a week or more …he should just pull tops over like a LST but not to extremely just enough to have spacing and not break branches
But im new more or less so this is more a question not advice
Good luck


“wouldnt supercropping at this point stress the plant alot and most likely hurt his yield or at the least slow things way down for a week or more .”

No and if plant is healthy enough it can heal over night and went be affected or slow down at all and of you carefully read above post I specifically state what it does. It won’t stop all growth only apical growth from crushed spot up, therefore causing the plant to grow wider not taller, also supercropping will help branches bend easier…


The supercropping technique works by almost telling the plant to focus on making it wider and fuller instead of taller. If that makes sense. I believe that’s how it basically works. It tricks it brain to think of getting wider than grow taller, probably to protect itself a little more since it can sense that it is wounded. Correct me if I’m wrong here @Majiktoker


Makes perfect since in all actuality and speaking for both of us I think, supercropping doesmt technically stop growth it encourages more to different parts of the plant ie; branches


See if I can learn this stuff anyone can lmao
That felt pretty good to finally be able to answer someone’s question fully


Ive used it on Reg Fem plants in my scrog grows but not in flower or when i grow autos but i now know it is useful under both circumstances
Thank you