Autoflower Issue

I started an Indoor Grow of Bruce Banner Autoflower and I am now in week 4. I have one plant that is radically different than the others and I need to know what is happening.

I have attached a Picture of the plant in question which as you can see appears to be flowering already. There are white pistols all up and down the stalk. The leaves even appear very different.
I’m not seeing signs of a hermaphrodite but this is very strange.

The second Picture shows what the rest of the plants look like.

Anyone with some knowledge of this would be greatly appreciated.

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a picture with the burple off would maybe help some more experienced grower to make a better analysis.
it is not unusual for autos to start flowering around that time, but this plant looks very strange. I have never seen anything like it.

could be bad genetics

It looks to be a mutant growing with all single finger leaves. Deformities are pretty common I would just let it grow but watch it closely for any signs of herm

I agree with you it does have a strange look throwing the single leafs. I would keep taking care of it an keep an eye on it. 4 - 7 weeks after popped would be the norm for Autos to start flowering. What’s your light schedule

18 on 6 off.

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Yeah 18/6 should work good. I would ride it out see what happens.

I decided to isolate it from the rest and watch it closely.

I can’t risk a hermaphrodite fertilizing my females.