AutoFlower indoor grow

Does this plant look small for six weeks ?


Not enough info to say anything with confidence. It’s a small plant. Is it small for the type of auto strain it is? Who knows.

What strain? What kind of lights? What’s the wattage on said lights? Are you in soil? What kind of nutrients is it getting (of any)? What is your light schedule?

The more details you provide the more folks on here can better assess what is happening.

More than likely, she’s just root building.


Welcome to the community. Pics turn out better with the lights off. Are you growing a photo or auto? :love_you_gesture:


Plant was given to me after a friend noticed no growth, I use a 600 watt full spectrum, Happy Frog soil, the Fox Farm trio for nutrients, PH & EC was off because he used tap water and miracle grow. White Widow AutoFlower, EC was 3786 in the runoff I flushed with PH’d water 2 gallons before I got it down to less than 300 EC. What can I do to stimulate growth ?

Brand? Or a link on Amazon?

Light 18-20 in from plant, noticed some growth after flush.

Amazon ordered, this light allows others to be linked by side and plug on top.

Based on the outer appearance, the actual power draw of that light is probably nowhere near 600 watts - that’s why I’m asking about the specific details. It looks like this one: Amazon Blurple “600 watt” light
Actual power draw being 110 watts. Should be okay for vegging a photoperiod plant, maybe. @Hellraiser or @dbrn32 may have good insight as to what that kind of light can accomplish for one plant. I’m truthfully just new enough that I can’t speak to whether the blurples are going to stunt an autoflower’s growth.

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@Graysin the auto flower can grow outside as well as under the lamp, besides I have a 1000 watt inside a 4+4 tent

Your light looks pretty small, I’m guessing that Graysin is correct and its nowhere near a 600 watt light. Lack of power and abundance of blue light could keep your plant small and squat like that. Also worth noting that if you have been flushing and transplanted you should probably expect the plant to stall out a little.

@Graysin I agree the light has some drawback, I put her outside and she has perked up nicely. Thanks guys@ilgmforum

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She sure did! I’m glad.

@dbrn32 After transplant and flushing, I think maybe gradually adding nutrients, maybe Grow Big, and some worm castings. Just 5.8-6.5 water for now. What do you suggest ?

If you went into fresh happy frog you probably don’t need to feed for a few weeks unless that’s what you flushed. If so, then would depend on nutrient charge remaining in soil. I usually try to keep ph over 6 in soil grow.

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@dbrn32 In order to maintain balance, do you find EC levels important enough to monitor.

If you’re not capable of looking at your plants and making fairly accurate determination of whats going on with them, I would monitor ph and ppm in and out. Keeping track over time you should eventually become familiar with how plants behave to swings in either, then it wouldn’t be all that necessary.

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Update on indoor autoflower loves outdoors and looks good

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Sure does. That’s a happy plant right there. If you’re gonna want to grow indoors, definitely finding a light that simulates the sun will be the way to go. Those are hard to come by - although Dbrn is a serious lighting pro so his recs are good always.

This Gold Leaf is femiinized and will get pretty big I probably don’t have enough time to finish outside
This one will definitely have to finish indoors. What do you think of the Viparspectra 300 watt in this photo

Light off picture