Autoflower help?


I started my super skunk autoflower exactly as my germination instructions said, 1-soak seeds in water for 24hrs 2- plant seeds 1/4" deep in MG potting soil 3- place seeds 2"-4" under Flourecent light 3- (this is what confused me) after 2 weeks they are ready for transplant into thier final pot. Ive been reading in this support forum that its not good to transplant autoflowers that it can stunt them. So did i go wrong by following my germination instructions?? Seems to me that they wasnt meant for autoflower seeds?? Now im at the point i had no other option than to transplant them into thier final pots.


You followed it right but you should always follow it that way with auto’s in the final pot from seed , because they don’t like to transplant because of they continued growth cycle on auto . It’s like taking an automatic car shifting as a manual , not the same response from the transmission if it stays in auto .


So does this mean my plants wont reach thier full potential now that they had to be transplanted? This is deff a mistake i wont make twice! Trial and error… Guess thats how we learn.


I’m not sure how much it will hurt , but I read that mostly some auto’ don’t like restarting once they get going . It may be a determination of what week it’s in , if it’s before the flowering you might be okay , but again I have not grown one yet , just by way of reading , so don’t panic it might not be as bad as you think . Not knowing is not know is what macgyver says to me , but yes next time put auto in pot you won’t to finish in and let it do its thing with very loving care and enjoy the love of not having so many issues like most moderate strains that has to be switch , keep on 20 hours on and 4 hours off , and get very rewarded .


When you re-pot these; Make sure you are really gentle and do not disturb the rootzone. Fill your new pot to a depth that when you place small plant in pot, it is 1/2" below top of pot. Then gently place medium around the plant filling the rest of the space. Water in. Soil will pack a bit. Add more soil as needed until soil is level at 1/2" below rim. Good Luck


I’m new at this & my 1st attempt at growing autoflower Northern Lights. Made the mistake of planting them in a 1 liter container- they are now 25 days old, indoors w/CFLs and look pretty healthy but wondering if I can transplant into bigger pots? They haven’t flowered yet.
Thank you!


Yes, you still can but be verify careful about it as Lakewood said in his earlier post. Be very gentle with the roots as they probably haven’t reached to the bottom yet. I could be wrong here but I wouldn’t think so given how young they are. The benefits I think out way the negatives in my way of thinking. More roots mean more fruits. Just follow the instructions Lakewood laid out. Good luck.


Thanks- I will try this and update in a few days! Wish me lots of luck!


If you are in 1 liter…??? Is that correct? Very small. If this is correct; Re-pot into 6 liter, or 2 gallon pots. Should be fine. :slight_smile:


I did as you suggested & transplanted all 3 yesterday,today they look great! I see small white hairs now so they must be doing well. Thanks!


Ha I transplanted a auto flower pot up and broke half the roots cut a long story short it never grew any more after that bonsai version. Place seed in large pot keep it in pot till the end.i put seed in and water with warm water first time and place plastic bag (clear) over it and put in me windowsill inside always sprout I have found



The reason your plant stunted is: You broke up the roots. it is very simple to re-pot a plant and leave the root intact Starting in a large pot is a waste of at least 50% of the medium used; Unless hydroponic.

note: I agree with the concept that you do not want to manipulate an Auto flower plant. I do not agree that you cannot safely re-pot an auto flower plant, as long as you do not break up the roots, and stress the plant.

Do not clone, or prune an auto flower. Peace :slight_smile:


My plants are out in the shed now, about 37 days old, on 24/7 CFL’s but soon getting a T5 4ft lighting also, hopefully they will do great.


It appears the plant is doing well. You have plenty of time left before harvest. If I were you; I would look into a 400-600 watt digital lamp system. Check out the links in our Buyers Guide. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestion/reply, I’ve already purchased a T5 light 4bulb UVA plus I believe it’s called on Ebay, coming tomorrow & was going to hang that with the CFL’s going around the bases of the plants for more light on lower leaves. Currently they’re on 24/7 lighting- question is, can I keep them on 24/7 until the end? Or would it be better to switch now to like 20/4? Appreciate any suggestions!


Lights is about mere choice and cost . I suggest advance light because for led they are worth the money for all beginners , and they finishe 2 weeks earlier than suggested time in flower .


smh… until what finish there not going to finish until you switch to 12/12. And people stop giving bad info



This is an autoflower thread. Autoflowers don’t need 12 hours of darkness to flower, and most evidence seems to show they do best with 18-20 hours of light per day their entire life-cycle. Maybe even 24 hours of light per day their entire life-cycle. But most people use 20/4 for autoflowers.


my mistake did not see autoflower… but have question as stated above (and they finish 2 weeks earlier than suggested time) is that true latewood?


Oh I see, so it’s possible to leave them on 24/7. That’s good to know since I only have one room to grow & have 2 other plants that are about 2 wks old so don’t have to separate them now. Thanks so much to everyones responses. It’s my 1st time growing & am learning alot from all the seasoned growers here.
Thank you!
Mari :relaxed: