Autoflower Harvest?

When is the best time to harvest Autoflowers? At the 10 week mark or when more pistol hairs turn Amber?

You harvest them when they are ready, not on a schedule. When the white pistils start turning dark then you are getting close, but still 2-3-4 weeks away.

You need to examine the trichomes using magnification once the pistils turn dark. You can use a loop, a hand held microscope, or take a photo with a quality camera with macro lens. There is a commonly shared chart on this forum showing the type of buzz you get depending on the percentage of clear/cloudy/amber trichomes. Good luck and enjoy.


Thank you for the Info. This will be my first harvest and I’m super being OCD about getting it right.

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Yeah every seed bank claims 10 weeks or 70 days, but it’s usually closer to 90 to 100 days so 12 to 14 weeks.