Autoflower Harvest Issue

My autoflowers are about at the end but one of my plants is exhibiting a deficiency all of a sudden and a very rapid spread.

Since there should be some leaf death at this time I am not sure what to do here. The plant trichomes are starting to cloud but the overall bud color is not yet there.

Should I let it go since I am within a week of harvesting it or try to resolve it. My gut says cut my losses on it and let it go as long as possible to maximize the maturity of the buds.

Just not sure. Could use some advice.



Do u have pic u can post. Im sure everyone would love to see what we r speaking of here. If only a week out id say leave it depending but cant see to say. Post a pic ull receive an answer quick


2 PICS to view.

PICS Posted

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Can’t see tone, color, texture, blemishes, etc in purple lighting. Can you please post pics taken in natural (white) light.

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Yes sorry it is super hard to determine colors and deficiencies with the light on. It changes colors of everything. When u take pics try to get it with no lights just camera flash only to see natural colors

Here are Better PICS.

Yellowing, and even the dying of, lower leaves at the end of a grow is normal. She looks pretty normal to me if within a week or 2 of harvest. Yes, it spreads rapidly.

Here’s a pic of the plant I am harvesting today. Pretty much the same.

You got to love those little Christmas trees :grinning:

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