Autoflower Growth Progress Northern Lights

Sunday, 25 August, height at 16.5”, grew 5” in 7 days!


How many weeks

Those measurements were made during her seventh week.

This past Monday, 26 August, first day of her eighth week, decided to clip off her large leaves and lop off her top to force the budding side branches to grow out.

Her budding side branches started to form three weeks ago with little growth progress.

I’ve only about ten weeks left before temperatures here will begin to get wintry like, mid November.

Since her brutal cuts and lopping, her side branches have had noticeable growth in four days time, but not fast enough for me.

I’ve been swinging back and forth whether to finish her growth cycle in a Grow tent or not. I’ve decided no. I’ll just let her finish her life cycle outside no matter the temperature.

I don’t care to spend $600+ and the hassle of having an indoor grow tent for just this one use. I’ll only be growing outdoors. My weed consumption is relatively low, about four grams a month, two pipefuls an evening, that is if I’m smoking every night.

I’ll start again in early spring in an outdoor Grow in a smallish greenhouse.

I’ll chalk this grow as a learning curve experience.

She now stands at 16 3/8”. I could have waited another week and possibly have her grow another four-five inches, based on growth, her seventh week of 5.5”.


More than I would ever take off a plant. I like to bend them over and let them branch out. More leaves is mores energy available for growth. Like solar panels the more the better.

If you say more leaves, more energy. Her side branches began to protrude three weeks ago with hardly any growth development past three weeks. The energy produced by the leaves went to growing much larger her leaves, and much taller, but hardly any growth the budding side branches. Time is of the essence before the New England wintry cold sets in towards mid November.

My cutting off all the leaves, leaving only the beginnings of side branches, these past four days hence, saw tremendous growth the side branches.

The objective is for her to flower. Without side branches, not many places for her to flower.

My first grow, a pyramidal beginning for learning to grow great weed.


Tomorrow, Monday, 16 September will be the start of her 11th week. Surely by now she should have started to flower.

Perhaps she’s a photo and not an Auto.

15 September 2019, 16 days after her leaves were cut off and top lopped.

Twenty-two days ago when you posted the question, she was in her seventh week.

Today is her second day of her eleventh week.

She measures twenty-four inches in height, base of stem at soil level to top of her leaves.

No sign of flowering yet. Yours, you say, started to flower on her fourth/fifth week!


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30 September 2019
1st day of her 13th week
2nd week of flowering. :maple_leaf:.




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@Prince33 when you start your new grow tag me before you drop seeds.
Let’s plan this right and get you a grow 20x better next time.

Ps trim those leafs off while it’s wet.