Autoflower Growth Progress Northern Lights

This is my first time growing Marijuana.

The plant in the photos is three weeks, three days old.

Isn’t it a bit small?

First post. How do I attach photos?

the symbol above that displays; (when you hit REPLY) UPLOAD when you hover over the 6th from the right.
make sure you know where your picture is and then click on it and then the magic will happen…best not to have blurple grow lights on for the pictire…:nerd_face:


Push this button and it should let you upload them. If it says the image is to big, then you may need to crop the sides down. Are you using a smart phone or a computer?

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Hello James68!

I’m using a smartphone, iPhoneX. The picture icon does not appear on my screen…

Thanks a bunch for your reply.


Thanks for your reply.

The picture icon does not appear on my screen. Perhaps it is because Iam using a smart phone and not a computer.

ooops…sorry…anyhoo I am sure you will enjoy this site…grow with gusto !

and always remember…


You won’t see the photo icon until you press reply then look lower left corner for photo icon


I use a phone as well. You will see the same icon




Thanks folks for your kind support.

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These two photos just taken.

It’s a gorgeous, bright, sunny day here in western Massachusetts.

Good day for my first two pots of Marijuana.

The second potted plant is just its third day since its emergence up from the soil. Photos attached.

For a new member, I’ve reached my limit for today to upload photos. It won’t let me attach more photos.

Tomorrow then.


Bravo ! :man_farmer:

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Nice little girls

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Maybe a little small for age, but nothing I would say abnormally small. I think you may have started a little late for outdoor grow.


think about cover at night as we hurttle towards autumn …they make mini greenhouses or are you able to mover her indoors when the weather turns ?

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I take the two pots indoors at night where the temperature remains constant and for fear squirrels and chipmunks might get at them.

I anticipate one pot should be ready for harvest end of September.

Not sure about the second pot. It’s just five days old today, which won’t be ready for harvest mid to late October. The sun in Massachusetts isn’t very strong in October.

I thought about purchasing a Grow tent, one I saw on Amazon, measures 24” wide, 48” high.

But I hesitate to spend money for such a short use. One pot at the very least should yield two ounces which will last me a year or more. I consume on average three grams at most a month.

I haven’t had any last two weeks and will wait till my Pot is ready. My source had been the Pharmacy.

Next year I anticipate growing in late spring outdoors.

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Where can I see these mini greenhouse?

It’s rainy today. I hesitate to take them out in the rain. I just took them out into the patio where they get cloudy sunlight at least .

Silly me! LOL

I just saw an array of mini greenhouses at Amazon. Good ole Amazon, so easy and convenient to shop there.

Hey thanks for the tip!

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The plant looks smallish in the photos taken two hours ago, 3 August 2019, but they are larger in actuality.

I think it is about to get bushy and taller. There are side nodes sprouting. I think “nodes” is the right term? See the close-up shot.

For a first-time grower, It’s like an adventure of discovery and anticipating the harvest and their use.

I actually talk to them very often, and bless them with highest white light, love, joy, beauty, radiant, vigorous, robust health, strength, freedom, peace and harmony, all the while connecting with them in mind and spirit.

There have been studies and Kirlian photography to how the plant reacts to harsh and living words.

I believe humans are not the highest life forms but another kind of life form.