Autoflower growing

At what age does plant go into flower and how long can that last

Autos flower when they want. You have no control. I had autos take 4 months to finish while I have many Photoperiod finish in 3 months.

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Generally between 4 and 7 weeks. Sometimes a bit longer.

Flowering generally takes 8 to 10 weeks to maturity.

How long are they in veg

@Kurt I don’t Veg as all. Again Autos do what they want, when they want. If you want control, grow Photoperiods.

So if plant starts to flower at 4 weeks then it will hit maturity 6 weeks later

No…Autos don’t work like that. Photos you can Veg for 6 months if you want if kept at 18/6.

Also the Breeders time frame is in perfect conditions which we don’t attain.

What’s easiest to grow

I found AK-47, Northern Lights and White Widow was pretty easy.

I’m growing white widow now

Guess which one is a Auto and which is the Photoperiod. :+1::+1:

Top is G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD and the bottom is Blueberry Kush.

No idea

Small is the Auto…big is a Photoperiod.

Another easy strain to me is Blue Dream and she can get out of hand on a drop of a dime.

So photoperiod why do u like

Contrary to popular belief, autos are not easier to grow. They can be very sensitive to nutes and are twitchy with other grow factors. They are hard to train, hard to get the nutes just right, and you have no control over their flowering. Autos have their fans, but autos frequently result in a substandard yield as compared to photoperiod plants unless you have a lot of experience in how to grow them.


White widow and Big Devil shows pistils on week 3, I top em once round day 21. I run the light 24/7 till pistils show on all plants then flip to 20 and 4.

Pistils do u have pic of what u talk about

The little “hairs” sticking out…

Thanks man just newbie not even sure what to look for to know it time to harvest