Autoflower Grow Journal: ViparSpectra600w

@MedMan1878 in the meantime is there a pet store anywhere nearby? They will have ph test kits for testing water in fish aquariums.

Otherwise you can’t go by anything claimed on a bag. MJ like 6.5 in soil and 5.8 pH in soiless mediums.

They are claiming 6-7 that is a huge range and that isn’t reliable without testing it.

It is the water that you need to PH.

@MedMan1878 We will get you sorted out brother. But I need to ask a few more questions

What size pots are you using?

Pot mixture—

NOT SOIL- 50% magic dirt potting soil (A renewable biomass soil product/not actually dirt, more like recycled cow dung)

NOT SOIL- 20% coco husk/peat moss(miracle Gro ‘hydrate’)

WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS OF THIS? 20% generic potting soil (EarthGro potting soil mix)

NO SOIL- 10% added miracle Gro perlite

Miracle Gro Perlite contains fertilizer? Check this please?

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The bowl of Apple cider vinegar or something like that will go a long ways to help with the gnats as well.

Miracle Gro perlite NPK ratio- .04 - .01 - .06

EarthGro ingredients- Active Ingredients. This product is regionally formulated from organic materials (primarily derived from one or more of the following: hypnum peat, forest products or compost), sand, perlite and a wetting age

Pot sizes- larger sick plant (auto ak47) 3 gal
Smaller sick plant- 5 gal
Healthy ak-47 plant- 3 gal

  • waiting on replacement ak47 seeds, will b using 2-2 1/2 gallon pots and only one type of organic soil…probably will get new ph pen so I don’t have another problem like this

  • gnat problem is exponentially better every day ever since I’ve put up 5 sticky rolls a week ago and H2O2’d the top layer every day

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So you have the composted manure, perlite with fertilizer and then that soil mix that contains an un-exact amount of soil (composted forest products)

Once you get a meter I would water at 5.8 and check the runoff to see what pH it is. Normally I would say to do a slurry test but you most likely layered in those products?

Any chance of at least removing the fertilized perlite from the surface of your soil? You can wash it good, get all the fertilizer out of it and then put it back. That should help some though I doubt it will be enough.

That combination of soils/ mediums is probably too hot for growing in but you are in it.


I Thoroughly rinsed the perlite before mixing in the soil…One thing I am a little confused about @bob31 Is why the physical signs of stress are different in each sick plant … Could this mean change i have a separate issue in each pot?

Also could you recommend any good pH pens for me to purchase? Going to try to get The shipping expedited…I went cheap on my first pH pen and it was a total headache and didn’t work and a pain in the ass to use…i’m willing to pay a little extra for a pH pen that’s reliable and much easier to use…somethin within the $40 range would be ideal…also if not pH pens could I use a bottle of pH fluid indicator to test my run off water as well as the distilled water going in to the pot?
- in the meantime I am going to work on keeping the Grow area cool as possible

My replacement seeds just came in and I’m going to go with the just natural organic potting soil brand and mix nothing else with it except for a little rinsed perlite…anybody know anything about the just natural brand?

Can you post a pic of the bag and the list of ingredients? @MedMan1878

Great that the seeds came in! Party time!


Ingredients & NPK RATIO for ‘Just Natural’ organic potting soil…
***NOTE the ingredient ‘dolomitic limestone’ (pH adjuster). Not sure what to make of this but seemed important to point out… Tnx for all ur help Bob

---- 9/26 Updates ---- 1 @ 2 1/2-3 weeks, 1 @ 2-2 1/2weeks, & 1 @ 1 1/2-2 weeks from soil (the 2 sickly plants showing recovery?)
—> Gnat problem under control


I think “Technically” this is a soil and dolomite lime is just a ph Adjuster. Lots of soil mixes use that. The only problem is that to be safe I would recommend you do a slurry test to be sure of the pH of that soil. Do you know how to do a slurry test? I can explain if needed. Not a big deal! @MedMan1878

------- 9/28 Update -------


Seems like plants made it through what was looking like some big problems last week…hoping the smaller plant recovers just as well
----- 9/29 Update -----

  ---------10/5 UPDATE---------

– Plant to far left- around 3 WEEKS old
– Other 2 plants on right are at around a MONTH old


Very nice!!


looking good, have you thought about wrapping your room with mylar for better light reflection?

I have looked at reflective materials like Mylar I’ll probably do that eventually…I did get my pH issue on track however…went ahead with the ph testing liquid & I’m happy with it…cheap, easy to use and accurate enough…wish I would have done this earlier cuz I’ve had it with pH pens they r a cluster…

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@bob31 & folks … Do you have any favorite bloom nutrient products you could recommend me?

  • switched the spot of the youngest plant originally on the left and switched it with the plant in the back…turns out the youngest plant along with the other one that was not doing so well really turned around and now the youngest one is the biggest even though it’s two weeks younger…it’s pot is 4 inches taller but the plant is at least a foot and a half taller than the rest…i’m wondering if it’s because it’s in a 5 gallon pot unlike the other ones which are in 3 gallon pots
    ------10/12 update-----

@bob31 @Iva @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 folks…lighting question here…

I’m looking to supplement my grow room with 1 more light, to sustain a decent 4-5 plant operation…I’ve purchased brand name (I.e. Vipar, Mars, galaxy hydro) lights up to this point but am looking to go with a sub par light at this point that may be good for 1 or 2 things (I.e strong red spectrum specifically) since my main light (viparspectra600w) is heavier in the blue or vegging lights. My next best light is only a 300w mars which does have decent reds but I’d prob need another light strong in the Reds, looking at my setup…also have galaxy hydro 180w ufo and a galaxy 300w as well.

  1. would u agree I need to go with a good flowering light?
  2. Would a king led be a decent choice to help in bloom? Or good red spectrum
  3. Assuming that It would be a good idea in fact to get a light with a good red spectrum, could anyone recommend any brands that are strong in reds?
    Remember I am limiting myself to a price range for lights like king brand.
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Can you put a $$ figure on the king brand? I wanna say they have a bunch of different lights and I don’t want to guess which one you are looking at @MedMan1878

@dbrn32 can help out too

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