Autoflower Grow ADK

Hows it going everyone so this is my first autoflower grow attempt, ive grown photoperiods in the past with no issues it only took 5 years to get it down haha, anyway im curious if my little ones are doing alright as far as on schedule with how they are growing, i purchased ILGM’s super mix autoflower and have 2 Gorilla Glue in red solo cups, 3 Girl Scout Cookies Extreme also in solo cups and 1 Bruce Banner, also i did some digging for info and iam doing a trial of starting 1 Gorilla Glue in its final pot which was recommended probably a little excessive but its in a 30 Gallon Smart pot, also in photo’s are my 3 photoperiod seeds from previous grow. i just through this little growspace together to allow me to start my seedlings. Anyways im just trying to figure out if all is well with the Auto’s thanks so much in advance.

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most of the ILGM seeds in solo cups were germinated on 5/15/21 and just for kicks i germinated the gorilla glue in the 30 gallon smart pot after soaking in water for 24 hours and adding granular Big Foot Organic Mycorrhizal Granular to the seed when planting which seems to have jumpstarted her. also i forgot to mention im also going to be using Big Foot Organic Mycorrhizal Fungi Water-in Concentrate to mist roots when transplanting, did a trial run while transplanting my peppers at home and it worked phenominal so im hoping this cures the slight shock from transplanting. Also growing medium is Pro Mix organic garden mix, cow manure compost. Currently Cooking my Soil for transplanting which is also Pro Mix organic garden mix, cow manure compost, bigfoot myco powder, dry amendments and perlite.

They look good to me. Maybe a little stretched but nothing that can’t be taken of when transplanted. I take it it is a outdoor grow?

Yes these will all be outdoor girls in 7 gallon fabric pots, I noticed the stretch also so I did move them closer to the lights around 13-15 inches away now vs about 20” before, this is my first grow with autos and also with good seeds ordered from ILGM so I’m trying to make sure they all make it, with the price of the super pack with 10 seeds of each this is more of an investment :joy:

I started with autos and now mostly grow photos. Autos I guess can be a little more temperamental and time from sprout to flower can vary quite a bit. Did you also grow your photos outdoors?

Yes photos are always grown outdoors I’m up on the east coast near the Canadian border so normally harvest for photos is beginning to mid October my photos in the pictures are from a female clone turned herm of blueberry from about 2 years ago, they were slow to start but coming in with fresh growth now

I am in a illegal state. fairly secluded and have only tried autos outside. Poor attempt due to caterpillars. Also, didn’t think photos would be worth it because of mid-late Oct harvest. Did not think bud would amount to much given low light intensity mid to late flower. May have to revisit in near future.

My state just went recreational but people have been growing for years, photo’s do extremely well here as long as your soil mix is correct, now if you were to really focus on a strain that’s mold resistant it would be even better as far as the late harvest, wanted to try auto’s this year so when they are flying looking for plants mine will already be harvested