Autoflower get sunlight

Hi all buddy on here . I grow 2 autoflower indoor and it been 3 week now . I put them under 18/6 light cycle . Because my light strart at 3 pm everyday so now I plan to take the plants out the grow room and put it near the window to get sunlight for 2 hour or 3 then I put it back to the grow tent . If anyone have tried it pls let me know . My plant is so small so I am try to do something to make them grow faster

It’s not the light, it’s something your doing most likely.

I know when plants aren’t growing well for me, it’s usually my fault!

So tell us a bit about your grow and maybe a picture or two


Here is my grow room the plant tommorow will be 3 week look so small . Should i add nute now ?

Have you ever had the light down closer to plant? 2’ range? Looks high, what’s the wattage? Push them together

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Are you using coco? Temp, humidity?

Coco should be fed at 1/4 strength until they establish themselves to the 4-6th tier of leaves. Then setup up to 1/2 strength for rest of veg, increased of plant starts cannibalizing itself

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@PharmerBob I used soil 50% 25 coco and 25 perlite . The light about 30cm from capony

@PharmerBob temp always between 22-25 humiditu about 48-55

Week 3 of autoflower you’ll start seeing bud formations and beginning of stretch. More then likely this grow is scrapped but good luck it may produce something.

Coco needs fed nutrients from the time you plant

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@PharmerBob . Oke I will try to feed 1/4 dose of nute to see . Thanks for your help

What soil did you use? I’ve done something similar and found the nutrients didn’t last long at all! I thought it would be a great idea too. Think I mixed happy frog and coco

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Been taking my plant outside for a couple hours almost every day for the past month and a half.

Seems to me it’s helped her and she liked it.


That what I am thinking about bro

Sunlight via a window is not optimal for our beauties. The windows filter/prevent important spectrum. Outside is great. Nothing like mother sun!

Looks like your light is not giving you enough power. What are the specs on it?


@PP3121 oke I will bring it outside . I run a china led light 600w ( actual power is 100w ) and switch on both veg and bloom on

I ran a <100w light with three plants first go around. Learned quickly that was far too weak. On this grow, second one, I have about 200w for one plant. She is a beast. Takes up my entire 2x2 space. She began to flower at ~24 days from breaking soil. Not sure what you will get from those. Might be advisable to get your next set of seeds ready. Definitely upgrade you light.

I would have never purchased the ones I have if I had found this forum earlier. For the time being, for one plant at a time, I think I can manage. Anything more, I will need to consider upgrading my space and lights. If this is something you plan on doing more of, it might be wise to invest in a higher quality light.

Best of luck.

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@PP3121 i grow in 1x1 tall 2m . I plant to do 3 plant what light you thing will be best ?

I take it 1m x 1m, correct? I think you can get two really nice plants in that space. With proper training techniques, I have read people doing three plants in that space.

As far as lights, I am not very knowledgeable. @dbrn32 is widely asked and is really knowledgeable with lights. Do a search for his posts and read a bit for your space. From some I have read, a 150w light would work for a a 60cmx60cm space. Your looking at nearly double that. As I think I mentioned, I am in a 60cmx60cm space and my one plant takes up nearly the entire area. I would be hard-pressed to get two plants in there.


Here is this thread:

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If you are looking into budget LED lights look at maxsisun their mf line is amazing cheaper than mars sand spiderfarmer with more features

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