Autoflower fox farm schedule

dose this seem accurate




It’s their feed schedule. I think most people seem to use a bit less than recommended. I’m sorry, but I don’t use that line, myself.

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Ok I seen you had said on another start 1/4 strength

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That’s a good rule of thumb for all babies, regardless of the nutrients used.

Awsome thanks

Ph 6.8 right

Try to stay between 6.3-6 8, with the sweet spot being 6.5. This will ensure your plants have access to all those goodies you’re adding to the soil.



It says on there to give to seedlings is that a good idea or wait till day 7

Wait til at least day 7. Also, most people will wait til the cotyledons start dying. I run organic nutes and lots of microbes, so I start feeding mine between day 7-10, but the nutrients aren’t immediately available to my plants until the microbes do their jobs. By feeding very early, I give the girls a good boost.

Definitely start very, very light, even lower than 1/4 with a salty nutrient line. Even with the organics I use, the very first feed was just a few ml of each nutrient to 1 gallon of water…miniscule amounts, really.

What type of grow medium will you be using?

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Organic soil with perlite

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With that, you won’t need to add much until your cotyledons die. Organic soil tends to be fairly hot and can feed your plants for several weeks.

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Ok awsome I will just be patient then

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Sorry mate I’m not familiar with foxfarms but I’ll be watching :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

Ok thanks

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Try searching “foxfarm journal” in this forum and see what hits you get :+1:

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I didnt even use nutes through veg in my canna terra, only used nutes in flower.

Solid advice so far. I usually don’t start feeding until the cotylidons yellow up, but I do use a root stimulator and vitamin B from the get to once I put them in solo cups. Helps speed up root development :v::bear: