Autoflower feeding

Do I need to feed an autoflower plant if so what’s the feeding schedule

Hi there, @Elpollon0818 are you using Organic or Synthetic nutrients and can you give me more information on how old the plant is if all of the reading like Ph and is it soil I assume yes but anything else you can tell us someone will have your back they’re are alot off experienced growers on this forum it’s great you’ll see with the help you will be offered, I do grow Autos so just a little more info and we will go from there ok.

that is an Autoflower feeding schedule from biobizz nutrients Organic Growing it is a really good range that is if you don’t already have one in mind

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@M4ur are you there bro just wondering if you cast your eyes over that posted see what you think mate.

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Thx for tagged me in this post @Johnzy81

I know you will give very good opinions and answers to any questions :+1:

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Seems you already ask the right question :+1:
How old is the plant?
What is the pH value?
What medium you use? soil or soilless/hydro