Autoflower Feeding Schedule

I purchased your nutrient pack. What should the feeding schedule be for feeding Autoflowers? The only one I’ve found is for a 16 week grow? At what weeks should I be switching from Growtime Fertilizer to Flowertime etc.?

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Thanks, I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate this site, can I contact them directly?

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As to your question about when to start flower nutrients. I use different nutrients but the principal is the same. This is a jack herer auto. She is just starting to flower

And three days later

It is time to bust out the phosphorous and potassium. Also the carbs, silica and other bud enhancers.


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Yes. I’m coming to the end of week two of my White Widow autoflower grow and I’m not sure what weeks I should switch from Growtime to Flowtime and then the Plant Booster fertilizer?

I can’t give much advice on the autos bc I’m growing photos but you will probably start those flowering nutes around week 5 or 6 and start at a lower dosage to be safe and not burn your plants. REMEMBER I’m just guessing as I’m not familiar with that fertilizer and autos but 5-6 weeks is the average time frame to start if the plants are faster growers.

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It might be another week for the flowertime. My last WWA started to flower at 21 days. I was just on another thread and his WWA is also starting to flower at 21. Not sure what the booster stuff is.

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Very true.

Because this is an auto flower, you can’t go by weeks, you have to go by stage. Every plant is unique in its development, and some veg longer than others. Some start flowering almost immediately.

If your plants continue past 16 weeks, just continue the schedule for week 16.

Pictures will really help, especially being an auto, we’ll be able to better assist you what stage it’s in.
The nutrients are used in the order you listed. If it has preflowers I would continue with growtime until you see she is transitioning to flowering, you’ll keep growtime until transition is complete. During transition you plant stretches while flowering. After the “stretch” phase is complete, or slightly before if you’re more experienced you can start flowering nutrients.
The boosters are for the very end of flowering where very little nitrogen is necessary anymore.

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From my understanding and I am a newbie, the autoflowers are only suppose to take 8 weeks to be fully grown. I currently have them in 4.5" clay pots and the tall ones are 3.5" tall and are 12 days old. The two seedlings are 6 days behind the others. Any and all help to make this a successful grow would be greatly appreciated!

Supposed to, yes. But I assure, every plant makes its own schedule.
Every single member here is willing to help you from seed to harvest.


Duh! It’s starting to make sense now. :grinning: As I can already see from my first 4 plants they all are all on slightly different growth schedules. And as for feeding I will need to learn to identify the different stages of growth to know what to feed and when. I understand when it comes to watering and feeding less is better than to much but I would obviously like to get the best yield possible.

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Conbert the rehular scheduloe by shortening the end of weeks. Auto’s do not finish as advertised in every instance. I have never gotten one to finish in less than 11-12 weeks, but I harvest by trichome development and not a time schedule.

If the nurrient schedule say 4 weeks veg; drop it to 2 and start what would be your transition phase when normally you woudl change photo period, that you are not changing, and that should work.

Use some start for a week or 2
some grow doe 2 week oe so, then
flower for 4 weeks, add boost for 2 weeks and water the rest of the way.

You will have to learn to judge your own plant due to lightiing choices, etc. Happy growing


Sounds like a plan. Thanks for the advice!

I have used the bergmans nutrients for several grow, but I did mine on photo seeds. I never end up with exact feeding schedule, because I watch the plant.

Your welcome.

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