Autoflower feeding schedule for growing in cocoa

Can anyone help me with the week by week feeding schedule for autoflower. This is my first run at autoflower. Thank you

I am using cocoa perlite
18/6 throughout
8 week strain
Jack’s 321
distilled water

Full strength from start to finish with Jack’s.

3.6 of A, 2.4 of B and 1.2 grams of Epsom. I also run silica which has to be added first.

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The science is all pointing to friends guidance. However I’m running at less than full strength and getting phenomenal growth with practically no issues in veg so…try full strength imo. If u hit ANY issues bump down to 33% . That looks something like 1.2 part A, 0.83 part B and .4 grams of Epsom. Not gonna lie, I’m getting all the way into preflower with 33%. When I bumped my last girl to full strength she started tripping so I’m taking it slow just to see what these autos are doing. I had mine up to 2.0 EC and had to bump her way back to 1.6 and under so they def aren’t eating as much as a photoperiod. But some people are killing it at full strength so I’m starting to think it may be genetics. Let the girl tell you.

You never know how a strain or even pheno will react. I think the lowest ppm I used was 450 - 600 for very young seedlings. Once they had a couple sets of leaves up’d to 800+ for a week or two. Then rarely under 1000. Usually 1100 to 1200
Purple Kush

I tried the same regime with some purple haze. They looked starved at the lower ppm so they got full dose and I had to increase Epson sale 20%
I left the light of so she is a little discolored.
Purple Haze 35 days

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Yeah I was hoping it would be clear cut and dry aka the lazy mans guide to cannabis lol but ahhh Murphy’s law coming through with the shaft yet again. Yeah no lie soon as I bumped her to full I got calcium def and shes never recovered. I’m just pushing her best I can to the finish line. I think my other auto is gonna do the same exact thing. Different strains but very very similar reactions. Only diff is I grabbed the bloom booster to test on my second and I think its working well.

I will be trying it out on the first plant with the next mix. I will be flipping her tomorrow.

I would think if you increased PPMs calcium would have also increased and be available. I wonder if it is a PH issue. Some say ph should be increased as you get further into flower. Additionally, calcium uptake is improved at a slightly higher ph. I find this hydroponic ph chart handy

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