Autoflower feeding question

Hey so I recently ordered some autoflower seeds and all of my equipment. I’ll be using happy frog soil and I read that with a auto flower and happy frog I shouldn’t need to add nutrients till beginning of flower stage. My question is instead of buying some nutes could I just add fresh happy frog soil and lightly mix in to replenish the used up nutes? I might sound really dumb but I’m a first time grower and wanna keep it budget friendly.

Cannabis needs quite a bit of nutrients to be healthy and productive. I suggest Jack’s 321 if budget is a concern. It, along with plain Epsom salt, is a complete cannabis product that works great and is relatively budget friendly. You can get 2.2 pound bags that will last for many grows.


Jacks is super expensive to get in the uk as it has to be imported from the states, I was going to go with jacks on next run but with everything else I still need I won’t be able justify the price of it, I LOVE bio bizz nutes as they’re organic and you pretty much can’t over feed with it :rofl:

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@MidwestGuy this is just for these small bags of it

Almost £90 for those small bags doesn’t seem justifiable for a couple autos for me but if in the states it’s probably no where near this price

Ok thanks I’m looking into jacks 321 rn and will probably purchase, but how do I use each of the bags, like when and how much?

Feed every watering.

3.6 grams Part A
2.5 grams Part B
1.2 grams pure Epsom salt (no additives or fragrances)

Adjust as necessary to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000.

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Thanks you so much

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Note to all posting here, everything that i don’t feel is related to feeding autoflower plants is going to disappear. Including this message at some point. We have a new member looking for help, lets try to stay on topic.

@Hairybadger231 we prefer you ask the silly questions instead of trying silly things without asking. Way easier to answer questions than it is to correct issues with plants.

This is about right. Every grow can be a little different so nothing i would say is written in stone, but with normal watering practices and standard veg period for autos happy frog should provide pretty well.

In theory yes you could do this, but it’s not really cost effective or efficient on size of pots you’d need. There are many other hurdles you would run into as well. So not really practical to just keep adding soil.

There are some pretty budget friendly nutrient packages available. The jacks 321 recipe is pretty cheap, easy to use, and very effective. Another cheap somewhat easy method is to use the Lucas formula with gh micro, bloom, and calmag. You could also look into adding amendments to your soil or using something like grow dots.

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Thanks youuuu🙏🏻

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