Autoflower drying up


A question from a fellow grower:

I have some auto flower plants 5-6 weeks old that were doing well and all of a sudden the large fan leaves are drying up from bottom progressing upward. I had also started fanning plants a couple times a day, my humidity is dry 10% in room. Could dryness and fan be the problem? I watered and fertilized, the PH is at 8 also, but never stopped the problem. Is the PH high enough to also cause this? I read that coffee or vinegar can lower the PH, how much would I use to lower it to 7? I’m not close to city that I can buy any PH up or down solution and also new at this and your advice would help greatly. I’ve attached photo with type of meter. Thanks.


Humidity is too low, should be around 30-40% but your main problem is the PH is WAY too high, not a little bit off but very far off. How are you measuring the ph? Is that a soil probe or are you measuring the runoff from the soil after you water your plants?
I find as soon as i add ferts to water, it lowers the Ph a lot, so I only have the issue of raising ph. Im waiting for some potassium carbonate in the mail (same ingredient used in PH up bottles but 10% of the cost buying it as a powder). So right now I’m just using bicarb soda. You need a Water ph monitor not a soil probe, this is a necessity. Test the ph of your water once you’ve added your nutrients. If say your water/nute solution is at a ph of 8, add small amounts of vinegar or lemon juice to the solution, testing with the ph monitor each time until you get it to a ph of 6.5.
The water ph monitor is the key here as a soil one will not cut it, I found that out the hard way already. Also, if you want to buy ph down just order it off amazon or ebay and get it shipped directly to your house, wouldn’t take longer than a week to get there id say. Im not sure how well vinegar works cause I’ve only ever had to raise ph not lower it, but I’m sure it’d work fine.


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this is the most likely culprit and yes it is definetly ph related