Autoflower drooping?

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I am on week five with my New York Diesel auto. She is in FF Happy Frog soil and until recently was growing like a CHAMP. Then she got sad. Watering is good (not over or under watered to my knowledge), environment is great (humidity is definitely low but I doubt if that is my problem). So about week five she just started drooping. It was much more pronounced previously but I figured she needed some nutes since she has been in Happy Frog for over a month so I used a compost tea on her (Boogie Brew) and man she PERKED RIGHT UP and reassumed her sun worshipping position. Then, the very next morning she was right back to being droopy. So I figured I was pointed the right direction with the nutes so I introduced some FF Trio and got the same result. PERKED RIGHT UP. Looked healthy. Then? The very next morning she was drooping again. Not as MUCH as she was previously but enough to make me confused. I do not have a PH soil tester but am willing to purchase one if I need it. Please lend me your infinite knowledge and enlighten me, friends. I have included a photo of the droopage as well as what she looked like after getting some nutes and is all excited about life. Thank you.


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Do you water until you get some runoff. You can completely soak soil until runoff, without worrying about over watering. The main thing is, don’t water again until soil is relatively dry. If you haven’t been getting approximately 10-20% runoff you maybe under watering, which would cause the drooping you are seeing.


At first glance it looks like under watering ,how much water are u giving them are watering until run off

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Its common for plants to droop during overnight/dark time.
Try just waiting a couple hours or so in the morning and see if they perk up on their own.
My plants droop drastically once the lights go out, but go back to normal sometime after lights on.


I thought I had a problem when they started to droop but my plants droop like this every night and back to perky in the morning it tends to start about 3 hours before the light goes out


They will sometimes start before lights out too…That’s common
They will droop right after watering sometimes too.
They will droop when they need water…Lol…Its nothing to worry about unless it is severe and it stays.

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They will drop before lights out, they get tired.

That almost reads like a Dr. Seuss book :joy:


Damn. I water until I get runoff, yeah. But nowhere near 20% runoff. Maybe I should try that.


Yes. Until runoff.

I run 24/0 light schedule.

I run 24/0 light schedule. Sorry. Should have included that in OP.

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I run 24/0 light schedule?

My white widow auto are doing the same thing

Was running lights 24/7 switched to 18/6 because it had been warmer the laset two weeks in VA.

So they started dropping when you changed it to 18/6?

It seems like it but also lost power for about 19 hours so i sat them outside in the sun at 75 degrees for 8 hours to days in a row and feed just PH tap water at 6.7

Loss of power isn’t a factor for drooping plants. If this was the case, explain how she looks after 70 hrs 9 mins with zero power during the Great Freeze of Texas in Feb 2021.

Only thing happened was some fox tailing. Nothing I could do about it. And she was not given nutrients either.


I just ran into the same problem myself. Wasn’t watering to 20% runoff and the nutes built up in the soil causing the plants to lock out and start burning on me. Definitely get a tds and ph meter.

When I checked my ppm after my first flush I was close to 2500ppm. Now I’m back to normal around 1000 and my plants are making good progress. PH’ing your feed prior to giving it to your plants is critical too. PH at 6.2 to 6.5 after adding nutes and you should be good to go.

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I don’t do runoff. I don’t pH. I don’t do ppm check. The last two grows only got fed once for the entire grow cycle.

And I produce some of the largest plants grown indoors. To make it fun I keep the room and grow tent wide open so lots of light leaks. No hermies…no males.

And to really make it fun I grow straight 12/12 start to finish. I also do not transplant and my lights is at the very top of my tent which is 80” tall.

You can have wonderful harvests and not do anything outside water and nutrients as needed.

You have to be in tune with the plants.

This was Purps #1.

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